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Comment In capitalism (Score 1) 515

"Cable providers have explored usage-priced pricing, but the idea has not been well received. There have been concerns that the companies were trying to raise their fees."

And instead they're doing it in order to save us money? When the whole debate stems from wireless companies having higher revenues?

By eliminating flat-rate they would be cutting out the main/only advantage wired connections have over wireless.

Comment Re:BB is a business phone (Score 1) 185

My point exactly. So called "business people" prefer a phone where they can muck around throwing birds left, right and centre and miss the occasional call because they forgot the phone charger at home... and RIM has fallen between the two proverbial stools not satisfying either need.

Comment BB is a business phone (Score 2, Insightful) 185

BB is a business phone, I think any attempt to make it more of a toy can only make matters worse.

Apple and Android are very tough competitors, no point aiming at ousting them.

Business people (if they exist, of course) need a phone which performs the usual basic office tasks, can be used a whole day without the battery dying and easily ties in to the corporate communications suite.

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