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Comment Re:Thanks Australia (Score 2) 138

If it is a life-long punishment, I'd say yes.

Not everyone who does a bad thing will continue doing it indefinitely. How many people do you know that have stolen some sweets from a store when they were younger, but wouldn't dream of doing it now?

Obviously, this can be counter-acted by a "lifetime" for the ban (so it expires after a few months on the first incident, few years on the second and never on the third, for example) or some way of getting removed from the list such as showing you have received help in curbing the behaviour.

Comment Re:Novel? (Score 2, Interesting) 228

I'm somewhat surprised this is allowed. Making a mistake is one thing, but purposely falsifying information that someone is paying you for (perhaps even specifically for the accuracy!) is another.

Is this one of those things that is actually allowed by law or just unenforceable because they can claim it was a mistake?

Comment Re:Thanks for the insight, Ballmer (Score 1) 375

So you either modify everyone's desktop because you don't want that icon on your desktop (providing you have sufficient privileges) or you have to put up with it in case some other user wants it on their desktop?

Why is it an issue? Isn't there a technique called 'white-out' or something to handle this without having to do either of the above? Like.. creating a hidden file with the same name suffixed with "_DELETE" which tells Windows not to show that icon? Or have it part of desktop.ini

UnionFS (and similar) manage to cater for this scenario..

Comment Re:Reward vs risk? (Score 1) 307

The following transpired during my driving lessons ( about 2/3years ago ) in a Ford Ka.

"When I put my hand on the dash, I want you to do an emergency stop."
*gets up to speed and the hand goes to the dash, brakes are slammed on*
"Did you just skid?"
"Yes, I thought you said this car has ABS?"
"It does"

So far, my experience of ABS is "it doesn't help".. but it may have simply been broken on that particular car ( I've not had to stop quickly in any other car with ABS that I've driven ).

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