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Comment: Re:You'd think IPV6 people would be smarter... (Score 1) 460

by Alrescha (#39694631) Attached to: Apple Under Fire For Backing Off IPv6 Support

"advanced extra feature"

Nice straw man. Nobody used those words except for you.

The Airport Extreme base station supports IPv6 (and DNS) out of the box*. As much as you might like to pretend otherwise, *configuring* such things *is* an advanced task for 99% of the users out there. People need elevators, not airplanes.


* maybe not always configured the way you would like, but it's there. OS X and Apple devices (Airport, Apple TV, etc.) talk to each other via IPv6 by default.

Comment: You'd think IPV6 people would be smarter... (Score 5, Informative) 460

by Alrescha (#39694153) Attached to: Apple Under Fire For Backing Off IPv6 Support

Apple didn't back off on anything. The version of Airport Utility discussed is the pretty, dumbed-down version of the application intended for folks who just barely understand what a router is about. It matches the similar version deployed on iOS.

The "previous version" isn't. The feature-complete 5.6 was released at the same time as the simple version, and has the same support for IPv6 as it ever did.


Comment: Re:Holy self-reference! (Score 1) 405

by Alrescha (#39317855) Attached to: Bing Now Nearly As Good As Google — Says Microsoft

"And while we're at it, would DuckDuckGo's "small following on Slashdot" please enter and sign in with a few posts?"

I use DuckDuckGo, either directly or with hacks that translate the web browsers default Google search into a DDG query.

My outbound proxy drops all connections to "http://*google*" on the floor.


Comment: Re:Just because they don't make money doesn't mean (Score 1) 649

by Alrescha (#39317723) Attached to: <em>Battleheart</em> Developer Drops Android As 'Unsustainable'

"For example, Angry Birds makes more money from Android than iOS"

If you actually read that article, you'll discover that the headline is incorrect. The article states "In a few months, the 5 million downloads could prove more valuable than 5 million sales".

"Could" is not a done deal.


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