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Comment: Re:Watson is a scientist (Score 1) 235

by AlreadyStarted (#48567249) Attached to: James Watson's Nobel Prize Medal Will Be Returned To Him

But there is a strong dogma that genetics is not a factor in the observed disparity in measurable intelligence between sub-Saharan Black Africans and Ashkenazi Jews. This dogma doesn't have any scientific basis that I'm aware of; the best that can be said is that we don't (yet?) understand all the many factors that affect intelligence.

I believe the "dogma" you refer to is the scientific method. The position you are describing (I'm not implying you're taking it) posits a causal relationship exists between the totality of sub-Saharan Black African genetic heritage and lower comparative intelligence with respect to another group.

This is extremely difficult to show, and in my opinion rightfully receives criticism unrelated to it's social implications.

Comment: Re:"in modern web development" (Score 1) 246

You don't need higher math, algorithms, and data structures in web development.

Much of the javascript I see is far heavier on these items than the avionics code I encounter at work. Also I don't know how a person could do anything technical at all without an understanding of these three items, in any field. They are synonymous with tools, methods, and materials.

Comment: Re:Disagree (Score 2, Insightful) 633

by AlreadyStarted (#44656963) Attached to: Ballmer To Retire

Most markets don't turn into monopolies. There's nothing natural about them, and they're highly inefficient.

Nature is entirely monopolistic. If one organism is superior in an ecosystem, it will completely crowd out all competition until all resources are consumed and it dies due to starvation. A lesson that can be learned form this is that the more diverse ecosystems are more robust. I imagine some parallels can be drawn in business.

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