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You don't need higher math, algorithms, and data structures in web development.

Much of the javascript I see is far heavier on these items than the avionics code I encounter at work. Also I don't know how a person could do anything technical at all without an understanding of these three items, in any field. They are synonymous with tools, methods, and materials.

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by AlreadyStarted (#44656963) Attached to: Ballmer To Retire

Most markets don't turn into monopolies. There's nothing natural about them, and they're highly inefficient.

Nature is entirely monopolistic. If one organism is superior in an ecosystem, it will completely crowd out all competition until all resources are consumed and it dies due to starvation. A lesson that can be learned form this is that the more diverse ecosystems are more robust. I imagine some parallels can be drawn in business.

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by AlreadyStarted (#44370095) Attached to: Apple Profit Falls 22% But iPhone Sales Are Up
Aaaaand not even that. After adjusting for channel inventory reduction (in order to increase retail efficiency or prep for new product cycle) the actual sales are pretty flat (down 3%). Here's the statement from Wells Fargo analyst Maynard Um, as quoted by AppleInsider.

"As for the iPad, shipments were down 14 percent year over year, but when adjusting for reductions in channel inventory, the true drop-off was just 3 percent. Um believes iPad sales were likely soft in the U.S. and Europe, as Apple highlighted double-digit growth in China, Japan, Canada, Russia, Latin America, the Middle East, and India."

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