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+ - Quasicrystalline water discovered->

Submitted by genericsoma
genericsoma (1942004) writes "The Journal of Chemical Physics reports about a new form of water, bringing us one step closer to creating Ice-nine.

Although there have been speculations that water might adopt such a solid form, there has previously been no firm evidence that it might exist. What's more, all earlier quasicrystals have been mixtures of two or more components, making this the first to be composed of just one. So far, however, it's just a prediction based on computer simulations — the Utah group hasn't observed quasicrystalline water experimentally.


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+ - Scientists use chaos theory to create new chip->

Submitted by bossanovalithium
bossanovalithium (1396323) writes "Scientists have developed an alternative to logic gates based on the chaos theory which allows the reconfiguration of chips a billion times a second, giving fascinating prospects for processing.

In a paper published by Arizona State University, researchers announced the development of chaotic patterns used to encode and manipulate inputs in order to produce a desired output, demonstrating on silicon the new logic gate systems named ‘chaogates’.

The researchers took patterns from an infinitely random variety offered by a chaotic system, with a subset of these patterns used to map the system inputs. This process provides a method to exploit nonlinear dynamics to design computing devices with a capacity to reconfigure into a range of different logic gates."

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