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by Almonday (#47217805) Attached to: Physical Media: Down, But Maybe Not Out
Not all physical (optical) media is devoted to entertainment; there are plenty of folks who have yet to be sold on "the cloud" for whatever reason but who still worry about bitrot and the ability to access content relatively quickly. Case in point, one of my immediate family members is a photography buff who has a large library of scanned negatives dating back to the 30s and he's been eyeing M-Discs for a while now. Still too expensive for regular use but like many amateur archivists, he's playing a long game.

+ - China may build an undersea train to America->

Submitted by howtokilltime
howtokilltime (3486623) writes "Seems like "China is planning to build a train line that would, in theory, connect Beijing to the United States. According to a report in the Beijing Times, citing an expert at the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chinese officials are considering a route that would start in the country's northeast, thread through eastern Siberia and cross the Bering Strait via a 125-mile long underwater tunnel into Alaska.""
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+ - How did you get interested in science?-> 4

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jvchamary writes "I'm currently writing a book that uses superheroes to explore scientific research. The aim is to get ordinary people excited about science, so I'd love to hear how you got into it, especially if you were once fascinated but then lost interest, or only discovered a love of science late in life (Was this prompted by something?) It would also be useful to find out what you now do as a job. Your replies will help me write the introduction, and hopefully turn a few non-nerds into Slashdot members."
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The homeless folks who pilfer our recycling bin on a regular basis force me to suspect otherwise. Anything of sufficient economic value situated in an easily accessible location will eventually be exploited by those with favorable time:reward ratios.

Comment: Throw half your budget at a Nexus 7... (Score 2) 415

...and spend the rest on actual content via the Kindle, Nook and Play Store apps, among others. I've been really happy with mine over the past two months: The bezel widths are just about perfect for reading with one hand if I make an "L" with my thumb and index finger and use the other three fingers to brace the back, very similar to how I'm accustomed to holding paperback books. It's light enough that my arm doesn't get tired. Battery life is good. In terms of bang for the buck, you could do far, far worse.

+ - Sandboxed Flash Player Coming to Firefox->

Submitted by Trailrunner7
Trailrunner7 (1100399) writes "Adobe, which has spent the last few years trying to dig out of a deep hole of vulnerabilities and buggy code, is making a major change to Flash, adding a sandbox to the version of the player that runs in Firefox. The sandbox is designed to prevent many common exploit techniques against Flash.

The move by Adobe comes roughly a year after the company added a sandbox to Flash for Google Chrome. Flash, which is perhaps the most widely deployed piece of software on the Internet, has been a common attack vector for several years now, and the attacks in some cases have been used to get around exploit mitigations added by the browser vendors. The sandbox is designed to prevent many of these attacks by not allowing exploits against Flash to break out into the browser itself."

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+ - A5 Mystery Solved (Why Siri Won't Run on iPhone 4)

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Hugh Pickens writes
Hugh Pickens writes writes "Anna Leach reports that Siri support has been a contentious issue for owners of earlier iPhones but a recent filing from Audience shows that Siri won't run on iPhone 4 because the phone's chip can't handle it dealing a blow to iPhone 4-ers hoping for an upgrade to the voice-activated virtual assistant. Linley Gwennap of the Linley Group cracked one of the secrets of the new iPhone's A5 chip after working out that it packs some serious audio cleaning power not available on the iPhone 4's A4 chip. Audience has developed impressive technology that removes most or all of the background noise when someone places a cell-phone call from a restaurant, airport, or other noisy location. The iPhone 4S integrates Audience's "EarSmart" technology directly into the A5 processor improving its technology to handle 'far-field speech,' which means holding the device at arm's length rather than directly in front of the mouth. Apple has also licensed the Audience technology for a “new generation of processor IP,” which may mean that the forthcoming A6 processor will appear in the iPad 3 and iPhone 5. "Why Apple has not simply purchased Audience is unclear. An acquisition would prevent Audience’s other major customer, Samsung, from using the technology to compete with Apple.," says Gwennap. "The company may be hedging its bets, as it could switch to Qualcomm’s Fluence noise-reduction technology in the future.""

+ - OpenStack nixing Microsoft Hyper-V support->

Submitted by alphadogg
alphadogg (971356) writes "Despite Microsoft's stated commitment to Hyper-V in OpenStack, buggy code designed to support the hypervisor will be removed from the next version of the stack, developers decided on Wednesday. An OpenStack developer wrote a patch that removes the Hyper-V support code, and two members of the core OpenStack team have approved the patch. That means the code will be removed when the next version of OpenStack, called Essex, is released in the second quarter. The code would have allowed a service provider to build an OpenStack cloud using Hyper-V."
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+ - Facebook's only weakness: Mobile->

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MrSeb writes "Facebook has filed its S-1 document with the SEC, and as always the Risk Factors section makes for interesting reading. Facebook is worried about the continued growth of its userbase, and retention and engagement of the users it already has. The ongoing battle over privacy and data protection, especially in Europe, is also considered a risk. Believe it or not, with 28.4% of the stock, the fact that CEO Mark Zuckerberg has complete control over key decision making is also listed as a risk factor. The biggest risk by far, however, is mobile. Facebook currently has 425 million active mobile users, and yet it makes no money from its mobile site and smartphone apps. The S-1 states that the number of mobile users is growing faster than desktop users, too. Couple this with the fact that iOS already has Twitter integration, Android has Google+ integration, and Facebook's lack of friends in the mobile OEM/carrier/network space, and you can see how mobile is Facebook's biggest weakness."
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+ - Plant traps worms underground using sticky leaves->

Submitted by ananyo
ananyo (2519492) writes "Carnivorous plants catch their prey in pools, glue and snap traps. But researchers have now discovered the first species known to trap and digest worms underground, using adhesive leaves — and it is part of a family not believed to be carnivorous at all.
The first scientists to document Philcoxia noted that the plants all have rounded leaves supported by stems and topped with glands that produce a sticky substance. These features are common to many carnivorous plants, but the researchers did not see any evidence of captured prey or remains associated with Philcoxia.
A new study not only offers evidence that Philcoxia species are indeed carnivorous, but also explains why this trait had gone undocumented. P. minensis, researchers found, uses a unique nutrient-acquisition mechanism: its sticky leaves are hidden below the sand."

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