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Comment: Union Plumber (Score 1) 368

by AlleyTrotte (#43761645) Attached to: Bloomberg To HS Grads: Be a Plumber
As a retired contractor I have dealt with union plumbers most of my life. When I retired (2007) a journeyman made about $35/hour with $18/hour in benefits (Health & Welfare). That comes to about $110,000.00/year, but most took the winter off and collected unemployment about $600.00/week. Not bad for 5 year apprenticeship. JUST SAYIN' John

Comment: AsRock (Score 1) 467

by AlleyTrotte (#42852291) Attached to: What To Do When an Advised BIOS Upgrade Is Bad?
Just happened to me Upgrading my AsRock motherboard UEFI firmware stalled at "Processing Crashless..." How ironic is that Anyway a phone call to AsrockAmerica, they requested I email a copy of invoice which I got from NewEgg. Two days latter new bios chip in the mail And Bobs your uncle. Very pleased with the response. John PS it was on a Linux system and no one even chirped once about not supporting Linux.

Comment: Yes Publish (Score 1) 533

Don't do the crime, if you can't do the time. Baretta When a pothead gets busted his picture is published immediately, innocent or guilty It's time we are all held to the same standards. There should not be special justice for the politically connected, the well off or so called pillars of the community.

Comment: 1975 all over again! (Score 1) 233

by AlleyTrotte (#40003745) Attached to: Solyndra's High-tech Plant To Be Sold
This reminds me of the greenhouse built in my area which would use 'waste steam' to power and heat the production of tomatoes. There was mucho federal dollars flying around for 'stimulus' back then just as now. Providing you had the right political connections. The unit was first built by a Dutch conglomerate with all kinds of federal and state grant monies. Bankrupt within 3 years. This greenhouse has since been reinitialized at least 3 or 4 times with federal grant dollars and has fallen into bankruptcy as soon as the grant monies are spent. HISTORY DOES REPEAT ITSELF. Will we ever learn. The local construction company I worked for at the time only lost about 50 large. Some local business's lost much more. No grant dollars for the local economy. It was not political hay back then and it isn't now. John

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