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Submission + - How to stop Windows 10 installing automatic updates->

Mark Wilson writes: One of the more controversial features of Windows 10 is the automatic, mandatory installation of updates. With launch day now just hours away a problem with NVidia drivers has highlighted just why automatic updates have proved so controversial.

Microsoft has previously said that home users will have no choice but to let Windows 10 take care of updates for them. For those concerned about this, the company has a special tool that be used to block specific updates to Windows and drivers.

Unearthed by ZDNet's Ed Bott, KB3073930 is the tool that many people feel should have been built into Windows 10 as standard.

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Comment Re:Drop the hammer on them. (Score 1) 1307

Sigh... It's frustrating how many people believe that money that was loaned into existence has no cost

That's not what I said. I was replying to someone who claimed Greece owed him money. That's simply false - the money is owed to a series of banks. Belgium (and other countries, including mine) irresponsibly guaranteed the loan. The debt is unpayable in the terms of the troika. That doesn't necessarily mean it has to be cancelled - the repayment could be postponed, the ECB could assume the loans, etc. but if we come to that and our governments have to take a hole in their budgets, let it be a lesson for irresponsible lenders and guarantors.

Comment Re: Drop the hammer on them. (Score 2) 1307

- Retirement age is a myth. Average has historically been higher than the EU. For example, Eurostat data for 2005: 61.7. Higher than the EU and Germany.
- Huge military: maybe. I hope NATO doesn't bitch and moan if they downscale. Greece is at a key geopolitical location, sitting at the edge of the West's sphere of influence.
- Public service: used to be true, not now that they have grinding austerity. The Greek people have paid many times over.
- Tax enforcement: there's no discussion it has to be improved. In all fairness, it's nowhere as bad as commonly thought (with tax revenue at 39 percent of GDP). The standard VAT at 23% is crazy, by the way.

Comment Re:Drop the hammer on them. (Score 1) 1307

Irrelevant. The ECB could take care of that and become the sole creditor (admittedly that must be an exception, not the rule - it shouldn't encourage irresponsible lending and borrowing). My country is also a creditor to Greece. The fact that my government allowed private (bank) debt to become public is my government's damn problem, and I reject the so-called austerity in Greece because it doesn't work, because the debt is unpayable and because it is ultimately owed to irresponsible bankers. I support Greece's refusal of the troika's terms. Debt repayment has to be tied to the country's growth. If that takes a long time, let it be a lesson for the government.

Submission + - China's Unsettling Stock Market Collapse->

schwit1 writes: The Shanghai index is firmly in bear market territory, down 28.6% since the June peak, while the tech-heavy Shenzhen Composite has fallen 33.2%.

There were also signs on Friday that the stock market turmoil is beginning to reverberate beyond China. The Australian dollar, often traded as a proxy for China growth, is down 1.2% to a six-year low of US$0.7539. The 21st Century Business Herald, a Chinese daily newspaper, on Friday quoted multiple futures traders as saying they had received phone calls from the China Financial Futures Exchange instructing them not to short the market.

China's financial titans are attempting to set up a "market stabilization fund." This doesn't sound good.

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Comment Re:Simple (Score 1) 1067

I think of it as a relational database,

SELECT A.HammerSales / B.HardwareSales AS Answer
        SELECT Sum(Amount) AS HammerSales
        FROM SALES
        HAVING Item='Hammer' And MonthOfSale='201505'
    ) A ,
        SELECT Sum(Amount) AS HardwareSales
        FROM SALES
        HAVING Department='Hardware' And MonthOfSale='201505'
    ) B

It will not return zero if there are no sales at all for last month. It will return an empty dataset (i.e. no data).

Submission + - Russian troops traced to Ukrainian battlefields through social media

wienerschnizzel writes: Vice News released a report on how they were able to trace a member of the regular russian army from his base near the Ukriainian border towards the battlefields in the contested territory in eastern Ukraine and back to his home in Siberia using the pictures he uploaded on his social media profile.

The methodology used is based on a report by the Atlantic Council think tank released earlier this year, that asserts that information on the movement and operations of the regular russian troops can be easily gathered from publicly available sources (such as the social media).

The russian government still denies any involvement of russian troops in the fights in Ukraine.

Variables don't; constants aren't.