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Comment: Re:My experience with this kind of hardware (Score 1) 109

You can of course get android devices which have the virtues of old-school hardware, but they're not mainstream -- in other words they're pricey

The HTC Desire HD has those old-school virtues (SD card and removable battery), and I don't think it's pricey now. Of course it has to be bought second-hand or refurbished. If you can settle for even lower resolution, you can get an even cheaper HTC Tattoo or even older stuff.

Comment: "Apps" under WM5 (Score 1) 109

Creating some apps myself would be nice, but dunno where to start for WM5.

You might want to have a look at VS 2008 and the .NET compact framework - I seem to remember the Express (free) version of VS 2008 supports it. It's pretty easy to develop. Expect far from fast performance and no easy way to scale across screen resolutions, but it should be good enough for things like "daily organizer / shopping list / memory games".

I wouldn't bother, though - I have a couple of those devices (a Dell Axim x51v and an HP). They probably work like new, but I haven't used them for half a decade. Where to start? If the OS's horrible usability isn't enough to put you off, it isn't fun to deal with the short battery life and the proprietary, clunky connectors which made them a pain a recharge (though in all fairness, the HTC smartphones were slightly less awful). Any el-cheapo Android device runs circles around those.

Comment: Re:no wireless. less space than a nomad. lame. (Score 1) 39

by Alien1024 (#48312841) Attached to: Trisquel 7 Released
Out of boredom I googled "Microsoft Linux", and found this ancient joke site. A joke news from 2000: "MS Linux to have Start Button". Well, with fairly minor differences and a different name such as "Menu" button, damned if it isn't right there at the bottom left corner, on quite a few Desktop Linux themes nowadays, e.g. the standard on Mint Mate.

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