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+ - NASA may delay 'WFirst' search for Dark Energy->

Submitted by Algorithmnast
Algorithmnast (1105517) writes "This blog entry points out that NASA's project WFirst (Wide-Field Infrared Survey Telescope) is under threat of being delayed by cost overruns for the Webb Space Telescope (Hubble's successor). If they don't hurry, then the EU may in fact be first to field a Dark Energy surveillance telescope — leaving Wfirst being ... second.

While the EU project Euclid (scheduled for 2018) is not a sure thing, American scientists are worried that they'll be left out in the dark if they don't launch first.

There are more references here and here."

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+ - Large Slow Airships could move buildings?-> 1

Submitted by Algorithmnast
Algorithmnast (1105517) writes "Discovery has a short article on using large slow-moving airships to move large objects without the need to dismantle them.

The company mentioned, Skylifter, refers to the lifting ship as an "ariel crane", not a Thor weapon.

It could easily help move research labs to new parts of the Antarctic, or allow a Solar Tower to be inserted into an area that's difficult to drive to, like say a mesa in New Mexico?"

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+ - U.S. Researchers can turn skin to stem cells->

Submitted by Algorithmnast
Algorithmnast (1105517) writes "While researchers could already turn normal body cells into stem cells with the potential to become any other cell, those other cells had the unfortunate tendency to become cancerous.
However, the new technique described in TFA is said to not have that problem, and be twice as fast as the old technique.

The article is a little light on details if you're into biology, but is still excellent — no more issues with tissue rejection"

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