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Comment Re:OpenWRT? (Score 1) 77

Actually the Asus router comes with their own firmware called AsusWRT, which is licensed under GPL. There's at least one hobbyist derivative by the name AsusWRT Merlin. Asus has been known to cooperate with Merlin by providing them with beta versions and by pulling patches into their mainline firmware. Third party firmwares such as Tomato or DD-WRT can also be installed. The factory firmware isn't too bad as of now, but if you're the kind that likes to mod routers, Asus is a pretty good choice

Comment Re:Why no diesel hybrids? (Score 1) 420

Cost. Diesel engines, plus the associated emission control equipment, are expensive. Batteries, electric motor, regenerative brakes and other hybrid equipment are also expensive. Both provide pretty good mileage improvements, but having both on will hit diminishing returns, so it's not worth it.

Comment My take on the article list (Score 1) 417

I have one of those cars loaded with tech. Going through the top five list from TFA:
- concierge: came bundled free for the first 3 years, never used it so far. Not worth it in itself, but I think the bundle includes some other things I like, such as controlling various things on the car using my smartphone. We'll see at the end of the free period.
- mobile router: don't have, don't want, smartphone hotspot ftw
- Automatic parking system: was available, did not get the package. I'd like to feel that I am driving the car, plus I can parallel park myself :) Saved about $2500 by not buying the nanny bundle.
- HUD: gads yes please. Best tech toy in the car. Love it. Wish more info was available on it, right now it can do speed, nav directions, playlists/radio channels, phone notifications and general car warnings. I'd like to see at least the RPM along with the speed.
- Built in apps: have them, don't use them, simply because they suck compared to their smartphone counterparts. Would love to use them if executed well.

Comment Re: Why isn't this illegal again? (Score 3, Insightful) 614

Sorry, but there is no way you can "apply like everyone else". If they scrap the H1B -> GC path, what's left either marry a US citizen, the GC lottery, invest $1M and create 10 jobs, or be a Noble prize laureate. US does not have a points based immigration system like Canada or Australia.

Comment Asus RT series (Score 3, Informative) 427

I have an Asus RT-N66W (same as N66U, only white). The latest stock firmware is decent, and if you don't like it you can install a host of others. Asus develops the firmware as GPL, and is friendly to outside developers. I believe DD-WRT runs well on it, but I haven't tried, the stock firmware does what I need.

Comment Re:Erlang is a tough chew (Score 1) 315

I spent over two years working every day with Erlang on a project, and I still don't consider myself to be anywhere near an "expert" at the language.

Good, because it shows. For your information structures (records, in Erlang parlance) are actually tuples, with all the performance characteristics of those. And I can only be amused by "nightmare of tail recursion" .... welcome to every functional language, ever. After a while, tail recursion becomes your second nature.

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