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Comment: $18.7 billion?! (Score 0) 208

by Alejux (#46943935) Attached to: Stanford Getting Rid of $18 Billion Endowment of Coal Stock

How can a university have so much money?

Sorry, but it just seems wrong that institutions that are made to educate people and provide venues for scientific research, to become money hoarding corporations. How much research could they do with a fraction of that money?! The educational debt in the country continues to increase while all these universities hoard more and more wealth.

Comment: Re:use hearing protection now (Score 1) 34

by Alejux (#46830821) Attached to: Implant Injects DNA Into Ear, Improves Hearing

"Once your hearing is damaged, it is not recoverable"

Isn't the whole point of the article to show us that that statement is wrong?

This is what regenerative medicine is all about. A decade or two from now, you'll see that a lot of the problems we face now with "irreversible" damage to the body and loss of tissue, will be treatable and made reversible by regenerative medicine. That includes damaged ears, ligaments, bones, skin, and a bunch of other tissues and organs.

Comment: Re:I would love to see this poll resurface... (Score 2) 202

by Alejux (#46614753) Attached to: How interested are you in Virtual Reality tech?
Show me a HMD with 100 FOV, high resolution, low latency ( ~20ms ), with 1:1 6 DOF tracking, weighting less than 250 grams for $200 and I'll commit suicide for you pleasure. Hell, you wouldn't find something like that for a million dollars in the past. The technology just wasn't there.

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