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+ - Open Source hardware loses its meaning in the 3D printer universe->

Submitted by Dreamscape74
Dreamscape74 (2734599) writes "Sly crafted terms in a registration process, might lead to allowing people to lose their claims on their open source hardware movement in the 3d printing world.

Thingiverse, sign up agreement clause to claim ownership on all submitted items could result in a lost of open source ownership to give way to a closed source project."

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The Internet

+ - SPAM: Billing nightmare for web hosting firm's customers

Submitted by alphadogg-nw
alphadogg-nw (971356) writes "DreamHost customers woke up to a nightmare on Tuesday after the Web hosting company made a major billing mistake overnight that has resulted in many getting their credit cards charged automatically for hundreds — and even thousands — of dollars. In an official blog posting, the company said that Monday night it ran "a standard billing cycle to clean up stragglers from 2007" but by mistake set the overdue-payment parameter for the end of 2008."
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