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+ - HP to also Preload Machines with the Linux Desktop

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apokryphos writes: "Hewlett-Packard has become the next major OEM to preload SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop on selected notebooks and desktop machines. As Jaffe notes, one of the biggest obstacles to making Linux a credible desktop alternative to Windows has been the lack of OEM partners willing to preload and support the operating system. This deal with HP is yet another milestone down that road."

Comment: Re:Actually it is: here's the text (Score 1) 242

by AlbertoP (#21104299) Attached to: Italy Wants to Restrict Blogs
Yes, I created my account today to comment this story. I doubt it's questionable and I did it respectfully, not anonymously and in a polite manner.

You talk about focus, but actually citing a single sentence out of the context just increase ambiguity. That's why I reported a very short summary of the key points of the law, considering that most of Slashdot's readers don't speak and read Italian.

About the rest, I already explained my point of view.


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