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Comment: Progress (Score 1) 512

by AkumaReloaded (#21446023) Attached to: Why Do Games Still Have Levels?
I am not sure if this has been mentioned yet (no time to read all 330+ comments). But how about progress. People want to feel they have progressed in the game. Levels is one way to achieve this feeling.

The same way in a sense, that RPG characters, level up and get stronger, you progress.

So without any levels, you might have an unsatisfied feeling after you finish the entire game.

+ - Serious leaks in Google appliances->

Submitted by AkumaReloaded
AkumaReloaded writes: Several security leaks have been discoverd in google appliances. They appear to be in Gmail, Analytics, Picasa, Polls and the Search Appliance. The leak in Gmail was discoverd by researcher Petko Petkov, he explains in a blogposting how a permanent backdoor can be installed. Users that are logged on to Gmail and click on a malicious hyperlink, can become the victim if the site sends the task "multipart/form-data MAIL" to the Gmail-interface and this injects it into a filter installed by the victem.

The Blog of Petko Petkov seems to be offline or slashdotted.

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+ - The Simpsons Movie Discussed->

Submitted by AkumaReloaded
AkumaReloaded writes: On 7/27/7 The Simpsons Movie was released in the USA and Canada. The movie is a huge success as it grossed $71.85 million during its opening weekend in the US and $168 million world wide. What makes this movie so successful and entertaining? Most of us here on slashdot are life long viewers and fans, so let discuss this edition to the Simpsons franchise. dUSN2737409820070729

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+ - The Bush Administration Censored Climate Reports->

Submitted by AkumaReloaded
AkumaReloaded writes: The Bush administration actively censored reports on the environment from the World Bank. This was discovered by the Government Accountability Project (GAP). Apparently Paul Wolfowitz was actively engaged in this censorship. How does this effect the deminishing credit of the World Bank. And can it lower the faith in the Bush administration even more? erde-rapporten-over-klimaatverandering.html.

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United States

+ - China's economic strength

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AkumaReloaded writes: "With the economic downturn and the weak dollar the USA finds itself in a tough spot. Now China threathens a 'nuclear option' of dollar sales . Will the US economy recover after such a blow, or will it wither in pain while the rest of the world economy falls into recession?

Here are 2 links for more information about the subject. oney/2007/08/07/bcnchina107a.xml le/2007/08/09/AR2007080900311.html"

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