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Comment Re:Good! Those laws just misinform consumers anywa (Score 2) 446 446

Labeling laws like this convey no real information to the consumer.

Yes it does. It informs the consumer whether the food contains GMO or not. And some consumers care about this and wish to be informed.

They just add a word to the food item that many people interpret as frightening, a word that has literally zero impact on the safety or sustainability of the food item.

So if the consumers are put off by GMO then the solution is to hide the fact? People of Asian and Jewish religion are put off by products containing pork. Maybe you could argue that pork is perfectly safe and they are over reacting. So should we just hide the fact that some food contains pork because we know better than they do that pork is safe?

This is definitely a win for people everywhere in the US.

How is hiding information that people may care about a "win" for people?

Comment Re:JPEG2000 replaced JPEG (Score 4, Insightful) 377 377

But JPEG2000 was absolutely crawling with patents like maggots and worms writhing through the very core of its being. If that didn't put everyone off then I don't know what would? Certainly ruined my lunch.

DJVU was another contender but it just happened to be tagged on to a PDF-like docuemnt format and not widely known as just an image format.

Finally, anything that was not (properly) supported by Internet Explorer ten years ago was a dead duck. And Microsoft and Apple actively snub any open format if they can get away with (like Vorbis, WebM etc).

Comment Re:Linus Torvalds won (Score 1) 98 98

More like if Norton, McAffee and other bloatware manufaturers also make applications for Linux that PC World aggressively ram down the throat of anyone trying to buy a PC, then Linux has taken over. Because its only that additional bloatware that actually gives places like PC World any profit at all and an insentive to sell PCs. I wouldn't be surprised if the PC itself was sold at a loss.

MS Office is definitely one of the apps places like PC World try to push at the checkout.

Comment Re:At home too (Score 1) 185 185

Especially home computers. I remember at least two conversations I had in the last week were people were telling me how their machines are gummed up with adware and viruses that their AV software missed and that after they clean their computer with Malwarebytes or did a complete reinstall the whole virus party came back. So I aksed, "Are you sure you want to continue with Windows?"

Comment And the physical limit of resolution is???? (Score 1) 140 140

Just wondering. If the resolution limit is imposed by a restriction, then what would a satellite be able to do if the only limitation was technological?

I remember seeing a documentary about leaked details of satellites that could read the headlines off a newspaper in the early 1970s, but they would have had very low orbits and didn't stay up long, mainly because they would run out of film.

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