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Comment: Re:well (Score 1) 96

by Agripa (#49763481) Attached to: Death In the Browser Tab

Well... if the police stopped murdering people in cold blood as a routine part of their job, we wouldn't have much video to air would we? The fact that there are people that still defend what the police do baffles me.

People have been defending this sort of behavior by law enforcement for decades to centuries.

I spent some time watching trials and it was apparent that when questioned, officers under oath routinely lie and contradicted themselves until finding an answer that the judge will accept. Somehow answering the same question with different conflicting answers never brings their testimony into doubt.

Comment: Re:Idiots (Score 1) 221

The velocity factor of fiber or copper is between about 0.66 and 0.75 which adds considerably to the delay when distances are large compared to RF transmission through air with a velocity factor close to 1.00. Old style microwave towers with simple modulation schemes were used for circuit switched networks so signal regeneration amounted to reclocking and happened with much less delay than the actual transmission path latency. The equivalent in a packet switched network would be cut-through switching which is pretty rare.

Comment: Re:Only Two Futures? (Score 1) 608

by Agripa (#49748237) Attached to: The Demographic Future of America's Political Parties

The 17th Amendment did not have much of an effect although I agree it should be repealed. By 1908, 28 of 46 states had popular election of senators and 9 other states required the legislature to take account of popular votes whatever that means so there was already a push at the state level which produced the same result.

Comment: Re:It's about money. (Score 1) 289

by Agripa (#49740193) Attached to: North Carolina Still Wants To Block Municipal Broadband

Many state attorney generals and even attorney generals of the United States have at times declined to defend a law and this practice goes back more than 200 years. When they do this, the court can solicit an interested party to conduct the defense. As a practical matter there is no duty to defend if it is not enforced.

Ex Parte McCardle and the Attorney General’s Duty to Defend Acts of Congress:

Comment: Re:drones (Score 1) 185

by Agripa (#49738943) Attached to: Navy's New Laser Weapon: Hype Or Reality?

Perception may be a different animal, though it's worth noting that the British never resorted to the sorts of tactics they used in Ireland or India to suppress rebellions.

Wasn't it similar tactics which lead to the Bill of Rights?

I wonder how our own no-knock warrants and various other militarized law enforcement tactics compare.

Comment: Re:Power savings (Score 1) 98

Well unlike their CPU division the GPU division hasn't been the one bleeding massive amounts of cash, at least not until the GTX 970/980 generation from nVidia.

Their CPU division has also been bleeding people since the K8 was released. Apple has more ex-K8 employees than AMD. I have been told this this started and was primarily caused by Hector Ruiz.

Comment: Re:Security implications (Score 1) 98

Also we still have no idea how memory latency is impacted (shorter paths, but also lower clocks).

Latency is dominated by reading the DRAM itself and not the interface frequency which is why latency which is specified in clocks is roughly proportional to interface frequency.

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