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Comment: Insurance and a 1099 (Score 1) 112

by tepples (#47809021) Attached to: Uber Now Blocked All Over Germany
Insurance and income tax I can understand. It'd be fine if the court allowed Uber to continue operating so long as it requires verifiable proof of insurance and discloses drivers' income to the government as contractor income to be claimed on whatever Germany calls its equivalent of IRS form 1099. But why the "enormous taxi licenses" on top of the income tax that's already due?

Comment: Re:None of Their Busness (Score 1) 89

by tepples (#47808951) Attached to: Apple Reveals the Most Common Reasons That It Rejects Apps

Why would someone who can not play chess download a chess app?

Why would anyone try a game for the first time?

If you have to learn anything about the app, the interface is to complex.

for that you have the help section.

The help activity is still "learn[ing] anything about the app".

Comment: Unlike Valve, Microsoft counted to three (Score 1) 241

by tepples (#47808893) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Linux-Friendly Desktop x86 Motherboard Manufacturers?

This is a bit like noting a number of minor manufacturers people never heard of failed to gain any marketshare in the early MP3-player market, therefore it was folly to expect Apple to succeed.

Except in this analogy, the "number of minor manufacturers" are companies like Fairchild (Channel F), Umtech (VideoBrain), Atari (2600/7800), Philips/Magnavox (Odyssey 2), Mattel (Intellivision), Coleco (ColecoVision/Adam), and NEC (TurboGrafx), and the Apples are Nintendo and Sony. It usually takes three tries for Microsoft to get something right (DOS 3, Windows 3, Surface Pro 3), and video game consoles were no different (Windows CE for Dreamcast, Xbox, Xbox 360). Valve, on the other hand, has shown that it can't even count to three (HL2, HL2 Episode 2, L4D 2, Portal 2).

Comment: OS X has sideloading, unlike iOS (Score 1) 89

by tepples (#47807367) Attached to: Apple Reveals the Most Common Reasons That It Rejects Apps

There is nothing preventing a developer from creating an OSX or iOS application that goes outside the guidelines provided they don't with to sell within the walled garden. But, if you want to sell to users using the app store, you are subject to their requirements.

This is true of OS X but not of iOS, because OS X has sideloading and iOS does not. There are exactly three ways to get an app installed on an iOS device. The first and most common is Apple's App Store. The second is being an employee of an established company that is a paying member of the iOS Developer Enterprise Program or a student of an accredited university that is a member of the iOS Developer University Program; such organizations are allowed to run their own App Stores. The third is to be a paying member of the iOS Developer Program yourself.

What would be nice is if Apple provided a separate area for this types of apps (classwork and developer portfolio apps) and leave real, useful and commercial quality apps, on the store.

In high school, classwork is done on OS X, which allows sideloading. In college, classwork is done through the iOS Developer University Program. A developer portfolio should use a combination of three methods: A. having one or more of your applications on the App Store to demonstrate that you are familiar with the skill of negotiating with Apple, B. videos, and C. demonstration on a device connected to a paid-up iOS Developer Program membership during an in-person interview.

Comment: Re:All about the brand (Score 2) 89

by tepples (#47806639) Attached to: Apple Reveals the Most Common Reasons That It Rejects Apps

But it's their way or the highway if you want to sell to iOS users. And yes, you do want to sell to iOS users. Android users never spend any money. /slight-exaggeration

So to whom should one sell, say, an app for monitoring a wireless network or a video game in a historical fiction setting? Apple provides no public API for enumerating nearby SSIDs, and under Guidelines 15.3, Apple would reject games whose "enemies" are a particular organization (such as soldiers in a particular country's army).

Comment: The guidelines used to be paywalled (Score 4, Informative) 89

by tepples (#47806559) Attached to: Apple Reveals the Most Common Reasons That It Rejects Apps

Why does Slashdot constantly rehash the "reasons Apple rejects apps" topic?

To help certain iOS fans who frequent Slashdot (BB, SK, etc.) understand why not all apps are ported to iOS and why some people choose devices that run something other than iOS. The featured article states that most applications that Apple rejects are broken in some important way. But conspicuous by omission are apps that aren't broken but which Apple rejects for other reasons.

They've published detailed guidelines on this for years.

Only very recently (a few months ago) has Apple made the guidelines available to the public. Previously you had to sign up for the paid iOS Developer Program just to see them. That hurt people who bought a Mac and an iOS device to start developing, only to learn that the application's concept was in a category of applications that Apple completely rejects. That's entire sections of the market that Apple has made a business decision to decline to serve.

Comment: Re:Arevas failure (Score 1) 103

by gl4ss (#47805535) Attached to: Finland's Nuclear Plant Start Delayed Again

look man they had NOT DESIGNED the damn automation system by the time it was originally supposed to go online! they had plenty of time to design it but for some reason fucked up or didn't do it. plenty of time before 2008 that is.

that they fucked up many parts of the construction was another delay, possibly why they didn't finish the automation because they knew the construction was going slower than expected and maybe they didn't finish the construction on time because they knew the automation wasn't finished.. friggin frenchies.

Anyhow, Areva was also on the hook for paying for delays but I don't know how that has worked out, but that's what was on the finnish press some I think five+ years ago.

the fuckup by TVO was buying from these fuckups in the first place... now they're lucky if Areva doesn't go bankrupt before delivery.

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