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Comment Re:legalism is a crap philosophy. (Score 1) 582

That's what a local municipality has done and its really frustrating. They've lowered the speed limits in the entire jurisdiction to mostly 25 with small sections of 35 on the two major arterials. Keep in mind, these are areas with 4 lanes of traffic + extra shoulders AND the sidewalks are set away further AND there is no residential on these roads. Most recently they changed a 45 section that was on the edge of town to 35 in an area that literally has no buildings on it whatsoever, nor any foot traffic. You can bet they now run radar at the speed limit sign of that newly lowered section. I've seen them. And another spot has a 35 sign that they follow with a 25 sign just a few dozen yards after that... at the crest of a hill.... that they run radar from the bottom of the hill and constantly bust people for that automatic +10 if they didn't slow down yet or notice the 2nd sign. And its mostly because a vocal minority of the oldest residents complain at civic meetings because they don't like how much the town has grown in the last 10-15 years.

Comment Re:legalism is a crap philosophy. (Score 4, Insightful) 582

That's all fine and good until you throw snow and ice into the mix, then all those objects become wrapped around cars and cause accidents from the excessive braking/swerving required to navigate them during inclement weather. I've lost count of how many signs and poles I've seen bent over clear to the ground after storms, or cars losing control in S-curves from the "scenic/safer" road design.

Comment Re: The Cost Of FREEDOM! (Score 1) 308

Prices on some of the lemon-flavored canned drinks was decent when I was there. At least as far as alcohol content vs. cost goes. 150yen for 350ml can with 10% alc isn't that bad. Imports though... yep. 240yen for 300ml is kinda ridiculous. And even the local dive bar was 500yen for "pint" draft where I was in Nagano.

Comment Re:Yeah yeah (Score 1) 562

My general criticism of it is that it was basically a re-tread of Episode 4 mostly (and a bit of 5/6). Character stuck on a boonies planet with no parents leaves to realize their destiny. There is another Rebellion, now called the Resistance. A new empire now called The First Order. Literally another trench run event happening. Another planet-destroying super-weapon. And the real kicker was the ho-hum way they go about devising their plan to blow it up... all in 15 minutes mind you. It was supposedly 15 minutes from the time they come out of lightspeed at the planet, did everything on the surface, and when they tore the thing apart and got the hell out.

Comment Re:YMMV (Score 1) 99

And this is why the NY AG would get very little info out of all this—They have no way of knowing if the person has the proper modem and router to take advantage of the full speed their connection offers. When I got 100mbps initially I couldn't break about 60mbps, as my modem was only DOCSIS 2.0 ... then also finding out my router was hamstringing me as well. Once I had a DOCSIS 3.0 modem AND replaced the terribad $40 Netgear router with something much nicer, I was able to finally hit 100mbps. Then you have the case of if people are using wireless instead of a wired connection, etc.

Comment Re:illogical summary (Score 1) 360

I'm fairly proficient at using the IME on Windows these days, but the on-screen one for Android requires a lot more effort. Completely different layout to memorize, have to press/swipe to get most kana, and then choose the kanji you want from the choices provided. Granted, over time it learns which kanji to bring to the front of the list, but it's still extra steps.

Comment Re:Fishy (Score 1) 318

Unless they had reasonable suspicion he was rendering aid to terrorists or prior proof he was involved in terrorism, how would it be shady at all? Even if they did have suspicion—that doesn't preclude denying a citizen due process and their constitutional rights. Especially based on a 'hunch' without any supporting evidence. We still gave due process and a trial for the theater murders in Aurora,CO and the Boston bombing. Yet this person wasn't given that or even charged with anything.

Comment Re:Oh... (Score 3, Insightful) 129

The biggest problem with that IMHO, at least around where I live, is people cannot for the life of them zipper merge properly. The average person is a stupid shitty driver is the biggest modeling issue... They wait until the last moment to merge in, they don't equalize speed to traffic flow so they force the people on the highway to break heavily as they enter, the people on the highway don't watch the ramp and try to alleviate issues by maintaining or altering speed slightly, etc. But I'm sure you already knew that. :)

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