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It sounds like if you're only making that much per year, you're going to have to settle for the cheaper apartment to live within your means. Spending almost 60% of your income on rent is untenable. And there is always splitting rent with a roommate to cut down on expenses if needed. $300/mo for utilities is outrageous for a single person IMHO.

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That entirely depends on the private insurance offerings for that area and any state health plans that are available. Your numbers are also seriously flawed.

$10/hour full-time would be take-home pay of around $16k. Setting aside $100/mo and dividing the rest by 12, that is over $1200/mo for rent+utilities. I want to know where a 1-bedroom costs $1200/mo in a "rural" area...

For my area, making $16k/yr would give you a gov't credit of ~$180/mo. Catastrophic plans that make you ACA compliant start at like $10/mo. A standard bronze plan is $100-120/mo ... which is still well under the monthly credit you would get towards buying a plan.

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by Aereus (#47322657) Attached to: I suffer from jet lag ...

To me, it depends on when you schedule the flights.
IE: O'hare Narita you would think would be really bad, but not necessarily. Sleep from like 12am-3am JST, then take out a morning flight, say 10am. You spend the first 2 hours eating then it's shutters closed (sleep time). Wake up after 8 hours, eat the next meal in those 2 hours and you land at like 10-11am US local time.

I had virtually no jet-lag using that method on the flight back.

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Same thing happens in the US. Lower-class areas have a preponderance of old luxury cars like 15 year old Lincoln Continentals, Cadillacs, etc. It's also not uncommon to see old beater cars with large chrome wheels worth more than the car itself. (And subsequently broken down somewhere, or having repairs done to them.)

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by Aereus (#46906743) Attached to: Pirate Bay Sports-Content Uploader Faces $32m Lawsuit

I'm unaware of if Horriblesubs asks for/gets donations. But as far as (at least their initial reasons) reasoning for going after Crunchyroll specifically is "revenge". CR built their "brand name" on a mountain of infringing content uploaded/maintained by others/volunteers/call them what you will (Even had a subscription offering). Then after they reached a certain level of popularity, they leveraged that for venture capital to "go legit" and scrapped the original site. This, as you might imagine, garnered a lot of ill will amongst the fanbase that knew about this.

Of course, its merely lipservice today, since they don't restrict themselves to CR rips.

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by Aereus (#46836433) Attached to: Are Habitable Exoplanets Bad News For Humanity?

The biggest issue I see happening is, we've used up all of the "easy resources" on the planet. So if for some reason we have some kind of global conflict that significantly sets back civilization/technology, we may lose our chance of ever exploring space.

Trying to rebuild our industrial technology back up from scratch when the required resources are gone, require advanced processing, or the rest is now 5 miles deep; might make it impossible in any meaningful timeframe.

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If you truly cannot afford it, the federal credit kicks in to defray the monthly cost. You can be compliant with the law at basically no cost to yourself if all you take is a Catastrophic or Bronze-level plan. After the credit, I'm paying $30/mo for low deductible/out of pocket health ins. with no co-insurance, for example.

And hospitals having to write off expenses from uninsured ER visits costs many billions of dollars each year -- which get passed on to the premiums of everyone who does pay for insurance. Isn't that a bit unfair?

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I think the major issue here is: The blue pulsing light is a bit like the "blinking red light" or "check engine" light on a car. It can stem from a number of different things. There certainly seems to be QC issues with the HDMI port, and the provided HDMI cable is of rather poor quality. But another major issue seems to be Amazon shipping them with inadequate packaging, resulting in a lot of damaged systems that come up as "pulsing blue light."

The light could be from a bad HDD, faulty HDMI port, faulty cable, quirks with the TV's HDMI handling, etc.

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We'll have to see the direction he chooses to take the company now. As I understand it, before "Dude, you're getting a Dell!", Dell was actually known for making fairly good systems for a major brand. I remember working for CompUSA in the late 90s, and any Dell system we sold was required by them to go through a lengthy systems diagnostic process before being released to the customer. And some of their LCD monitors are known as being among the best. (Everyone raves about the U3011, etc.)

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