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Comment: Re:Not planned at all (Score 3) 106

by Aereus (#49773133) Attached to: Large Amount of Star Citizen Art Assets Leaked
What scheme would that be? You can buy the game for as low as $30. Earning your way into something like a Hornet has been planned for a handful of days and something like a Constellation about two weeks. Buying massive capital ships won't necessarily do you any good, because you won't be able to afford the maintenance, fuel, and equipment costs to even fly the thing at release. All you get is the base hull with basic fittings. Ships also fulfill certain roles, so there is far far more lateral mobility in hull purchases than vertical. It's been my perception that the more vocal people are about doomsaying Star Citizen, the less they actually know about the game. And that's not to say it's even going to be a huge success—there are a lot of uncertainties related to seeing all of the various modules/systems to the game come together as one cohesive whole. But they've been making consistent progress, and while their have been some delays, they are explained and fall within the usual scope of development uncertainty.

Comment: Re:Are they actually dialing up... (Score 1) 153

by Aereus (#49672623) Attached to: Closing This Summer: Verizon To Scoop Up AOL For $4.4 Billion
I finally got my dad to stop paying full price for his dialup account almost 15 years after he got cable internet. He now pays $3/mo through the same provider for just a "business email account" that forwards his old address (which was his sticking point). And the kicker—they had long since given up on updating the old email service, so it still only had 25 MEGABYTES of storage space. The new account has like 10GB and is probably ran through the Gmail backend. He still couldn't tell the difference when I asked him if he was logging into his email via the web login or the standalone email application though, of course.

Comment: Re:$30 (Score 4, Insightful) 515

That may be true, but there is something to be said for not having to be behind the wheel for those 6 hours. Train accommodations tend to be roomier than plane or bus, as well. People on business trips could take care of emails and preparations and arrive well-rested rather than restless and sore. Assuming this line has track priority, you would also get there in half the time or less.

Comment: Re:skating on the edge of legal? (Score 1) 302

by Aereus (#49629051) Attached to: Uber Forced Out of Kansas
Might they need revision? Sure. But part of taxi service is the social wellbeing consideration that they must operate at all hours, and to all areas of a city. If Uber is allowed to skirt any law they want and run conventional taxi services out of business, I hope you like having to pay $100 for a taxi ride home from the bar at 3am, or flat-out can't get a ride at all, because nobody wants to drive to X area.

Comment: Re:If i can't work on my car (Score 1) 292

by Aereus (#49408653) Attached to: EFF Fighting Automakers Over Whether You Own Your Car
I have a 2011 Mazda6, and had both of my low-beam headlight lamps fail within 2 days of each other, before I had time to replace the first one. Long story short: The bulb access is through the wheel well— behind the debris shield attached with about a dozen grommets. Of which you can only access half of them without removing the wheel itself. What should be a process that takes minutes was instead an agonizing 90 minutes in 10F weather with no gloves, as it was late at night and I was nowhere near home. I damn near ripped the liner out completely in frustration. The next day I went and paid the $65 extortion charge for replacing the other standard halogen bulb. Getting the brighter type I would have installed myself would have cost me closer to $100 from them.

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