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Comment: Re:Trusting Sony (Score 2, Insightful) 410

by Aegis9975bb2 (#15033787) Attached to: Sony More Trustworthy Than Microsoft
I'm sure it frustrates the average slashdoter, but the truth is average consumer cares nothing about Rootkit. The same time the Rootkit came out Sony goes on to set increased profits and gain in stock , then goes on to very rank highly in brand trust. What tech-savy Slashdot folks have to understand is that the world doesn't necassarily think like them. Truth be told, to the average person there are a million other important world issues to fill their conscious then if their Neil Diamond CD has some potentially malicious software on it. Some people are conerned about the war in Iraq, North Korea, Bush, China as a world power, atrocities in Africa; some are against gay marriage, some are for it; others are concerned about globalization, the economy or social security and their pensions. I know it hurts, but nerds have to understand that outside their ring of techie websites and small sphere of influence the average person doesn't care about Rootkit, they didn't care when it was around, and they certainly aren't going to care now.

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