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Comment: Re:The scammer's dream. (Score 2) 172

by Adeptus_Luminati (#47553561) Attached to: US States Edge Toward Cryptocoin Regulation

>Over half the Bitcoin exchanges have gone bust.

Gee, reminds me of the 1999 .COM bubble, where >50% of every *regulated* tech company went bust.
Or should we make an analogy to the *regulated* housing market in 2007/2008?

Regulation has little to do with it. The fed blows bubbles, by printing vast sums of 'dollars', including the current bitcoin and stock market bubbles. Excess credit has to flow speculatively somewhere when negative real interest rates are the norm in ZIRP capital.

Comment: Re:Actually makes good sense (Score 1) 702

"If you can't power the things up there is no way to tell what they actually are."

Umm yeah, no. All this does is force the terrorists to implement their bombs in smaller areas of the electronic device, or produce fake screens, so the untech saavy TSA employees are mislead to think the device is real.

I guess I'm wondering why X-raying the laptop, cell phone etc isn't enough to find the bombs or whatever it is the terrorists are supposed to be hiding in there.

Comment: Solution: Register .IO + Bullet Proof hosting (Score 1) 148

As a Canadian, I'm finding the USA's over reach getting more and more excessive, to the point that my next online business will avoid have anything hosted, purchased, programmed, owned or registered in the USA. It's getting to the point that in some circumstances, avoiding selling anything to USA customers saves tonnes of money and time with expensive lawyers... at the cost of 330 Million potential customers... but hey... there's over a 1 billion other internet users out there and growing.

Solution: Register .IO out of some Luxemburg or Monaco or other offshore registrar, then get bullet proof hosting and lastly apply a filter that throws out all DMCA emails. Problem solved?

Comment: Can't find aliens? Take head out of sand! (Score 3, Interesting) 686

by Adeptus_Luminati (#47219591) Attached to: Aliens and the Fermi Paradox

1) 2011 "Out of the Blue" - Best researched UFO documentary:
2) 2001 Disclosure Project - Dozens of high ranking goverment+military officials testify publicly of aliens+UFOs:
3) 2013 Citizen's Hearing - 40 researchers and military/agency/political witnesses testify for 30 hours before 6 former congress members: (part 1)
4) Bob Lazar Area51/S4 whistleblower - 10.5 hours of testimony :
5) Ex CIA death bed confession on reality of aliens/ufos -
6) List of countries that have disclosed UFO files: (loooong list) - http://www.disclosureproject.o...

I could go on, but there's already week's worth of material here alone.

Comment: 8.1 !=Start Menu.. Why Win8 was doomed... (Score 1, Flamebait) 516

by Adeptus_Luminati (#47148253) Attached to: Microsoft Won't Bring Back the Start Menu Until 2015

The Start Menu in 8.1 is crap. Most of the features that were in Win7's start menu don't exist in 8.1. Typical Microsoft, screwed up their "second" OS release:

Windows 3.1x (1992) - Good
Windows 95 (1995) - Mixed bag, at the beginning it sucked
Windows 98 (1998) - Good
Windows ME (2000) - Sucked (hard)
Windows XP (2001) - Good
Windows Vista (2006) - Sucked although not as hard as ME
Windows 7 (2009) - Good
Windows 8.x 2013 - FAIL
Windows 9 - ???

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