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Comment Frame of reference (Score 1) 496

I think it depends on your frame of reference. North Pole and the various rings around the south pole are correct if you want to end up in the same location with reference to the earth. If you observe the situation from the sun, there's no possible point, since the earth moves while you walk. If you observe the situation with yourself as the frame of reference, any point will do, since you will always end up where you are...

Comment The other side (Score 1) 587

I recently bought a British film on BR which has a "by buing this Blu-Ray, you're supporting our film. Thank you!"-message at the start. Doesn't take more than about 4-5 seconds (basically as long as it takes to read out the sentence to you)... Even if it is unskippable, I somehow don't mind that one too much.

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