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Comment: Re:People are poorly informed fools (Score 0) 910 910

You replace the current crop of voters with a group that actually bothers to get informed and refuses to tow the party line, and you'll see things change real fast.

The phrase is actually "toe the line" and not "tow the line." I just thought you might like to know, and it is not an attempt to invalidate your claim based on a mistake.

Additionally, I think blaming the voters is akin to blaming the victim. Blaming the electorate is an easy way out when there are scores of other problems such as campaign contributions, the two party system, a heavily biased media ecosystem, voter disenfranchisement (e.g. requiring people to obtain IDs in order to vote to combat a non-existent voter fraud issue), etc.

You know, you can be voted into office running for one party and switch to the other after you have won the election. How is that the voter's fault?

Comment: Re:They all do it. why just apple? (Score 0) 744 744

Yeah, you always get put into for a justified reason (you didn't say justified, but by the tone of your post it's pretty well implied by you). Maybe you were busted under a sodomy law for having anal sex with your wife because some cop had it out for you. For that, you really ought to lose your rights and get paid jack shit for your work. Yep. Completely justified. Note: sodomy is no longer a felony, but it used to be and highlights how retarded it is to think that just because you're sent to prison you deserve it or it's right.

Comment: Re:Why the hell was this research conducted at all (Score 0) 273 273

The idea behind the research was to try to find out what genetic changes might make the virus easier to transmit. That way, scientists would know how to identify changes in the naturally occurring virus that might be warning signals that it was developing pandemic potential.

Forgot the rest of the quote.

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