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Comment Since they are deleting articles anyway... (Score 0, Flamebait) 317

If they don't want to "ruin their integrity" they could only put advertising on the sites they deem unworthy. Those sort of articles are likely to be more in line with advertising anyway. While reading about "Who's the Boss" you could buy it on DVD. It just kind of makes sense. The article on weapons grade uranium could pull up some interesting google ads, though...
The Courts

Submission + - First court system running on FOSS

vaidhy writes: One more for India. Allahabad high court in India is now running completely on FOSS software and supports ODF (open document format) and it provides the judgement in RSS format too. Sometime actions speak louder than words.

Submission + - Privacy concerns with Windows Vista's Shadow Copy (

lukas84 writes: "I've written about privacy concerns with Windows Vista's Shadow Copy feature. This feature allows users of the better Windows Vista editions to restore files from a direct online backup, without having to restore from tape.

This however brings new problems, as many people do not know about this new feature, and might consider data deleted which is still on their computer. Especially clearing your browser history might not do what you expect it to do."

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