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Comment: Re:fraud opportunity! (Score 1) 127

by Absolutely.Geek (#46936651) Attached to: Earthquake Warning Issued For Central Oklahoma

Welcome to New Zealand, magnitude 4-5 quakes last month: 43, + 3 mag 5 - 6 just for fun.

At only 1.43 times the size of Oklahoma, NZ is a much more rockin' place to be. (181,195 km^2 vs 268,021 km^2) Also earrthquake cover is much higher then $23USD/year.

Comment: Re:Just validating registration tags ... (Score 1) 405

There is a very easy way around this issue, have the cameras centrally connected. Each day they download the current list of "valid" plates. If a valid plate is scanned, ignore it, that means no storage of time of scan, or location of the camera that did the scan etc... If however an "invalid" plate is scanned, upload all informaton about the plate.

If further investigation finds that the "invalid" plate is infact a "valid" plate then discard all info about the scan.

You could speed up the frequency of the database updates, but I doubt that it would improve the hit rate much, the only difference would be a priority update when a car is reported stoled or involved in some other crime...

There is no need to store data on people driving to work and home, picking up their kids and generally going about their daily lives. This is a massive invasion of privacy, and should not be accepted as "normal".

Disclaimer, I live in New Zealand, I hope my government hasn't slipped this far down the police state slope.

Comment: Re:Uh what? (Score 2) 180

by Absolutely.Geek (#46514509) Attached to: Why Did New Zealand's Moas Go Extinct?
How is it right that the current generation has to pay for the crimes of a past generation?

If you steal something should your brother pay for it? How about someone you don't know but has the same colour skin? Or someone whos ansestors came from the same country as you did?

As for your last line "Morally and legally, Aotearoa belongs to the Maori. My culture is not Maori, it's European. So I left and came home to Europe." I call bullshit, as a 2nd gen Kiwi I am a native of New Zealand as were my parents. My grandparents were born in the UK, but that doesn't make England home.

Comment: Re:Don't get it (Score 1) 129

As both a Dilbert and XKCD fan, I appricaite them both for different reasons.

DIlbert often highlights the funny / depressing work side of my life. (Control systems engineer) e.g. recienlt just about made me choke on my coffee.

Where as XKCD appeals to my geeky nature, though also applicable to work situations sometimes e.g. but there are so many others that come up in ever day life for those of us that are geeky

"Pull the trigger and you're garbage." -- Lady Blue