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Comment Re: Trend towards illegibility (Score 4, Insightful) 147

My theory is that now that there are people who do nothing except design and tweak the user interface, they can't ever be "done" or else they risk people realizing how wasteful it is to have that job position and lose their job. Most of the time, once a UI is done and works well, it's best to leave it alone with the required minimal changes that need to be done be assigned instead to the general project maintainers, not specialized "UX" designers. They might actually think they're useful, like most people want to believe, so they'll come up with things to justify their employment. It's easy for them to set up and game a "study" to justify whatever change it is they want to make to the UI in order to keep busy and keep their job. The more drastic the change is, the more work it is, the more they can argue the merits of keeping their pointless job going, and the more controversy and fluff they can inflate their head with to self-justify their own importance.

Comment Re:Not a loss - this is the correct outcome. (Score 4, Insightful) 241

That is an extremely short-sighted viewpoint. Money isn't everything. First of all, if all you care about it direct funding from it, they would easily be able to monetize this by reselling it at auction. Putting it in a museum would enrich people's lives, which is invaluable. Having displays with things like this, are ways people get inspired to do what they can to help in space exploration, either through their own talents or with donations. These "antiques" could very well inspire the next generation of space explorers, which are kind of necessary because the ones we have now are expected to die at some point.

Comment Get used to it, this is the future (Score 5, Insightful) 279

Monthly payments for everything you use and pretend to own! From your music you listen to, to the movies you watch, to the software you use, to the storage space on the cloud where you keep all your data, and the physical hardware you pretend like you own. Pay for everything in your life, for the rest of your life! What a deal! Fall on hard times for a few months and miss a few payments, and watch your whole life disappear! Weeee!

Comment Re:russia is devolving (Score 1) 412

china doesn't have to militarily invade siberia. it can just corrupt officials, pay russian legislators to make laws friendly to it, own all of the companies operating in siberia, flood the area with immigrants, etc

Great idea, flood the place with Chinese people, then move in military units to "protect them"! Russia won't see it coming!

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