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Comment: Re:Yawn, another fork (Score 1) 219

by AMDinator (#44199471) Attached to: Oracle Quietly Switches BerkeleyDB To AGPL
Not necessarily. Embedded systems, for example, can absolutely rely upon closed-source software for which there is no open/cheaper/comparable alternative. I posted my reply while on break from working on such a very thing. The company's growing rapidly and raking in $$$. I fail to see how they have a "horrible business model".

Comment: Poor reliability (Score 1) 172

by AMDinator (#44101477) Attached to: Is Google Voice Doomed To Be 2nd-Class Messaging System?
I just ditched Google Voice after using it for 2-3 years because it's incredibly unreliable. Missed/late deliveries of texts, incoming calls that don't arrive and go straight to voicemail (with an occasional notification that I even have one!), and messages that won't even send without a reboot. I'm far from the only one either. Sorry Google, but I need my phone to actually work as a phone. I guess I got what I paid for.

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