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Comment: Re:Here's to hoping they don't find oil (Score 1) 152

by ACDChook (#49543807) Attached to: Yellowstone Supervolcano Even Bigger Than We Realized
I'm no expert, but from what I've seen about volcanoes in general, they contain a lot of dissolved gases kept in solution by the pressure. Release the pressure, and the gas comes out of solution, causing an explosive eruption. Just like carbonation in soft drink that has been shaken. Open the bottle and release the pressure, and the gas rapidly escapes, bringing the drink with it.

+ - Sony Forgets to Pay for Domain, Hilarity Ensues->

Submitted by Dragoness Eclectic
Dragoness Eclectic writes: Early Tuesday, gamers woke up to find out that they couldn't log in to any Sony Online Entertainment games--no Everquest, no Planetside 2, none of them. Oddly, the forums where company reps might have posted some explanation weren't reachable, either.

A bit of journalistic investigation by EQ2Wire came across the explanation: SOE forgot to renew the domain registration on SonyOnline.net, the hidden domain that holds all their nameservers. Oops! After 7 weeks of non-payment post-expiration, NetworkSolutions reclaimed the domain, sending all access to Sony's games into an internet black hole this morning. Sony has since paid up, but it takes a while for DNS changes to propagate around the world. SOE's president, John Smedley, has admitted that the expiration notices were being sent to an "unread email" address. Good job, guys.

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Comment: Re:Perhaps copyright needs to be more like tradema (Score 4, Informative) 371

by ACDChook (#32823600) Attached to: AU Band Men At Work Owes Royalties On 'Kookaburra'

Where is this strange world you live where Kleenex, Xerox and Google *almost* became common terms referring to the generic?

Anywhere outside the USA.

I blow my nose with tissues.
I photocopy things with a photocopier.
And I search for things with Bing or Yahoo. I also google for things with Google.

Comment: Re:More info (Score 1) 426

by ACDChook (#29297323) Attached to: Major ISPs Seek To Lower Broadband Definition
Here in Australia I *wish* ISPs had to provide 768kbps to call it broadband. 256kbps down/64kbps up is the common low-end broadband here. Utterly useless. Combined with download limits as low as 100MB on the cheaper plans and we're a communications backwater. Hit the limit, and you're shaped to 64/64. Ick. Plus it's expensive. I pay about $117 USD a month for approx. 6Mbps ADSL, 120GB per month download limit, which is split into 45GB peak, 75GB off-peak usage. And that's the highest residential plan from my ISP. And there aren't many around that can beat it.

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