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Comment: Re:Where are the products ARM? (Score 2, Insightful) 260

by A12m0v (#40058183) Attached to: ARM, Intel Battle Heats Up

No one can stop the x86 train, not even Intel. Medfield is only the start and while it might slaughter ARM it will make life very difficult for ARM SoC designers, let's just remind ourselves how many architectures by many vendors that were supposed to kill x86 just couldn't, not even Intel's. Not with iAPX480, i860 or i960 or Itanium.

Comment: Medfield (Score 1) 215

by A12m0v (#38779333) Attached to: Intel Relying On Ice Cream Sandwich For Tablet Push

Intel won't succeed with its first iteration but it will slow down ARM a bit in an overall growing market, Intel might even take the low to mid of the market and leave the high end to ARM for now as Medfield is only competitive with ARM processors from a year ago. Both ARM and Intel will gain marketshare and eventually the market might become split between them, I don't foresee a 3rd player, maybe MIPS in the form of the Chinese-derivative Loongson?

Comment: Dubious (Score 1) 164

by A12m0v (#38511842) Attached to: Intel Medfield SoC Specs Leak

Intel will need to bend the law of physics before their power hungry chips can match the the energy efficiency of ARM SoCs, but if anyone can do it it'll be Intel. Intel took x86 to workstations and supercomputers killing many RISC processors in the process. It'll be fun to see them pull it off again against ARM.

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