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Comment Tracking (Score 2) 84

You know, being able to triangulate someone's location after a natural disaster might not be a bad thing, in cases of rescue. At least, that's how you justify it, at first. Of course, critical infrastructure for comms pretty much collapsed as soon as the batteries died, generators ran out of diesel, etc. Time is of the essence when deploying your stingrays!

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Devices without CompuTrace / LoJack?

An anonymous reader writes: I'm looking to buy some hardware and I don't want to have the CompuTrace / LoJack crapware lurking in the BIOS and opening up a host of security problems as described in a 2014 press release by Kasperksy:

The network protocol used by the Computrace Small Agent provides basic features for remote code execution. The protocol doesn't require using any encryption or authentication of the remote server, which creates many opportunities for remote attacks in the hostile network environment.

I would really appreciate some input from slashdotters: Which manufacturers can I trust for buying 'clean' hardware? I'm looking to buy servers, desktop PCs, laptops and tablets.

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