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Comment: the trouble is that they keep changing the UI and (Score 1) 357

by A Pressbutton (#44662645) Attached to: Steve Ballmer's Big-Time Error: Not Resigning Years Ago
back when it was win 95 or NT, the was no large established ecosystem that relied on a API and any changes to the UI were clearly better. 20 years later there are billions of users all dreading the thought of something different - and win 7 counts as different. there are hundreds of thousands of developers all thinking the same. your customers don't want change - but you only make money if you change. the only thing stopping MS becoming altavista is that MS enables so many critical businesses processes using VBA and until processes change, that won't change.

Comment: Re: Stupid comment... (Score 1) 154

by A Pressbutton (#44662459) Attached to: Newest YouTube User To Fight a Takedown: Lawrence Lessig
actually, in the UK, the pensions regulator has very extensive powers to do just about anything that protects the pension fund. this includes preventing mergers, going after foreign parent companies after they have sold the subsidiary, and the directors. sounds draconian but it is there to protect your 80 yo grannies pension - otherwise you would have to look after her

Comment: obvious consequence of automated cars (Score 1) 662

by A Pressbutton (#44651993) Attached to: Concern Mounts Over Self-Driving Cars Taking Away Freedom
- they will be networked, this will make them safer in normal use and you should get there faster
however that will provide the average prankster endless fun rerouting you or causing jams
- if some cars are manually driven, you will be able to drive them in such a way that makes an automatic car misbehave (stop) ignoring the safety bit here

+ - Groklaw has gone dark->

Submitted by A Pressbutton
A Pressbutton writes: PJ wrote...
So this is the last Groklaw article. I won't turn on comments. Thank you for all you've done. I will never forget you and our work together. I hope you'll remember me too. I'm sorry I can't overcome these feelings, but I yam what I yam, and I tried, but I can't.
This is in response to the ongoing Snowden debacle. Please go to groklaw and read the full article. Her response to the 'if you have nothing to hide...' argument is ' I don't like uninvited strangers looking through my stuff' and that not being watched is a key human freedom.
I would add, if you are a us taxpayer, you are paying for this. A sad day.

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Comment: Its all about the process dummy. (Score 2) 125

by A Pressbutton (#41569743) Attached to: Spreadsheet Blamed For UK Rail Bid Fiasco
The calculation could have been done on paper / blood on a wall / notches on a stick
carried out by throwing dice / abacus / mental arithmetic
morons / normal people / genii
If the process was not validated and the results were not checked, why is anyone surprised when it is wrong?
Some areas can be defined as right or wrong by people with good minds and strong opinions - games
Tax and Financial software not so.
At some point in the process $product needs to be validated using $external_process by $people_who_should_know
I am betting this did not happen.

Comment: use the right tool (Score 1) 491

This is the same sort of discussion you get with c++ vs php - the question is what is the job.
basically it should be clear to all that if you design,code,test,doc,release,stop - that is the most efficient approach. say this takes an effort size 1
the trouble is that what is released is probably not what is wanted.

under agile effectively you take a small part of the job and design,code,test,doc,release,stop let the customer loose and then repeat.
repeating this process n times for each 1/n th of the project takes more than effort size 1 as even if you never even look at any part of the code previously written, the tests you are adding and running will - and the whole point of agile is that you iterate toward the true requirement so you will be re-working.
the trouble is that what is released at the end will cost more.

please flame me for stating the obvious, but if you know what you are doing, and what is needed you should use something like waterfall and if you do not know what you are doing/is needed, use agile

+ - Nissan Unveils first Self-Healing iPhone Case->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: Nissan envisions a world where you’ll only have to buy one iPhone case for the life of your precious device – and they just launched the world’s first self-healing iPhone case to bring that vision closer to reality. The case is coated with a special self-healing paint that was developed in partnership with the University of Tokyo and Advanced Softmaterials Inc. and originally intended for Infinity vehicles. When damage occurs, the coating on the iPhone case undergoes a chemical reaction that fills in any unwanted scratches and brings it back to its original form.
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