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Comment: Slow down and ask for help (Score 1) 902

by 9mind (#28281553) Attached to: How Do IT Guys Get Respect and Not Become BOFHs?
Look no one can do it all. I was also in this position, about 4 years ago. Eventually, you can't keep up. The company at the time couldn't afford to hire a full time person, so I asked for an intern. Trained him, and things started getting done better and faster, and my attitude improved. The company notices things like this, and if they are smart, try to keep their employees happy. All you can do is ask for the extra help. If they want to keep you happy they will capitulate. Otherwise start looking for another job, and let it be known that the environment is a hostile one to whoever handles HR. Last thing you want is to get fired for being a bastard. In IT you need to be a team player, and if that stigma gets thrust upon you... you're screwed!

Comment: Re:Linux Hasn't Failed on My Desktop (Score 1) 995

by 9mind (#19971615) Attached to: Why Linux Has Failed on the Desktop
I don't personally use Linux though I have fiddled with Slack 10 and Debian so maybe my perceptions are off, but the overall point is that those who support Linux and who say how easy it is to use ALWAYS say they got a family member/SO/whomever to use it AFTER they configured it for them so therefore, it must be easy to use. That's looking at it from the wrong angle.

This point here doesn't carry much weight: I've been in IT for almost 15 years now as well as supporting family and friends. Almost always, I have to setup the computer to make it easier for them. (MAC, WINODWS, or LINUX) Why, because the average user whether corporate or home can not configure a machine. Those who try usually kill their computers.

Windows is only easier because it's familiar... the above average user to the techie can thrive on linux... I can take anyone who has never worked on a computer and teach them any of the 3 major OS platforms equally.

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