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Comment: By weight only? (Score 0) 587

by 8Complex (#43349827) Attached to: Samoa Air Rolling Out "Pay As You Weigh" Fares

I understand that you have to pay relating directly to your weight, but should that really be the only thing considered? It costs a flat rate for all the crew on board, regardless if they have 10 passengers or 200. Runway fees are the same regardless of the amount (or size of) the people on board. The amount of weight that the plane already carries never changes, only the cargo on board, so the cost of flying just an empty plane should be considered an overhead cost.

This system should be defined as a base rate plus a charge by the weight you add to the flight. Otherwise you get into the situation where you have a plane full of anorexic people, and the amount they paid doesn't even equal what it costs for the plane to fly empty.

Comment: Re:Engineering isn't a secret club (Score 1) 146

by 8Complex (#43069073) Attached to: 83-Year-Old Inventor Wins $40,000 3D Printing Competition

An engineering degree is only good for checking your work. Mechanical design is purely a function of creativity, experience, and problem-solving.

Example: Any Joe Blow can design a clothes dryer (heater, blower, rotating drum). It takes an engineer to size that motor properly so that it dies 4 days after your warranty is up.

Comment: Why water? (Score 0) 41

by 8Complex (#42629775) Attached to: Mars' Reull Vallis: a River Ran Through It

I see all these articles about assumptions that water cut this or formed that feature, but what is so inconceivable that it could have been some other liquid that did the same thing? Is there some inherent feature to water (H2O) that means it is the sole naturally-occurring liquid that could cause a feature like this? Or for that matter, what are the chances it could be an element which we've yet to discover?

Comment: Not Google's Fault (Score 1) 639

by 8Complex (#40698273) Attached to: Apple Gets the Importance of Packaging; Why Doesn't Google?

I wonder if everyone realizes that it wasn't Google that designed the packaging, but likely they just designed the artwork on the outside.

As for the box itself, it seems that a packaging engineer just got their fit between the two halves a little too tight... it's not like they put it in heat-welded clamshell packaging!

It is masked but always present. I don't know who built to it. It came before the first kernel.