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Comment: Re:I for one (Score 1) 246

by 88Seconds (#42623643) Attached to: Aaron's Law: Violating a Site's ToS Should Not Land You in Jail

Having read your post and seeing the ToS you apply I was wanting to know how to make the payment.

Please can you post the following details so payment can made most quickly

Full Name
SSID Number
Bank Account Details
Credit Card Details
Email Address
Telephone Number(s) - both landline and cellphone

Thanks in advance

Comment: Re:How it really gets done. (Score 1) 429

by 88Seconds (#39284871) Attached to: Server Names For a New Generation

I wish that was how our supplier did it, but thay have their own naming standard based on location by country, city, server identifier and operating system. Great for them when they want to apply OS and security patches, but of no help to us when we get change records or problem records assigned to us because the name is similar to a server we do look have to look after, which serves a different function.

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