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Comment: Re:governments (Score 1) 188

by 5pp000 (#33335170) Attached to: Electronic Voting Researcher Arrested In India

Everyone's jumping on the fact that the GP seems to be advocating terrorism. But though he didn't express himself well, I don't think for a moment he actually wants to commit or even encourage terrorist acts. He's simply observing, as indeed Jefferson did, that concentrations of power tend toward tyranny. That's why we have the Constitutional separation of powers: to put bounds on each branch of government so that it can't take over.

I'm not advocating terrorism either; and I'd go so far as to suggest that it was Jefferson's hope that the system of government he and his cohorts had invented would give the citizens sufficient oversight of their government as to make violent revolution unnecessary in the future. Still, I daresay he was aware of the possibility that it might not work.

Comment: Re:Assange and his team are doing great things (Score 1) 454

by 5pp000 (#33335058) Attached to: Sweden Defends Wiki Sex Case About-Face

I don't know that we need to blame this on women's groups. Many victims of sexual abuse are indeed traumatized, and it wasn't so long ago in our history that their plight was pretty much ignored. I recall that Freud, having observed that many of his female patients had been molested and that that seemed to be the root of their troubles, acceded to pressure to back off from this theory.

I haven't read the book, but I just read a bunch of the comments on the Amazon page; it's quite an interesting discussion. It's good news, certainly, if not every victim suffers as badly as we expect. To say that this makes abusing children okay makes no more sense than saying it's okay to shoot guns at people because after all, you might miss.

Quite a serious case of thread drift we have here... ;-)

Comment: Re:Recycling is Bullshit (MYTH) (Score 4, Informative) 622

by 5pp000 (#33334380) Attached to: Smart Trash Carts Tell If You Haven't Been Recycling

Myth: Someone goes through the trash and pulls out the recyclables before it goes to the landfill. Anything thrown into the trash will end up in the landfill. The labor required to sort through trash after it has already been mixed is prohibitive and almost never happens.

...and yet here we have a story about them doing just that and more.. Fining you if you don't do it.

You've missed the point entirely. The quoted myth is arguing that most or all trash gets sorted anyway. This is not remotely true. The Cleveland authorities look through some people's trash to see whether it contains recyclable materials, not to actually perform the separation for them.

Excuse: Recycling is a burden on families.
Recycling is so popular because the American public wants to do it.

If it were popular the article wouldn't be about people being fined for not doing it.

Another non sequitur. If 40% of the population is doing something, I'd say it's pretty popular, wouldn't you? But that's not even a majority.

Comment: Re:This Guy (Score 1) 337

by 5pp000 (#33261026) Attached to: Julian Assange To Write For Swedish Tabloid
We'll just have to disagree about who bears how much responsibility, but as for your parting shot:

Alas, patriotism kills reason.

you are way, way off base. Actually I'm glad this material got out. I was just pointing out that the post that started this thread has a point that is potentially valid and deserves discussion, even though I disagree with it. It should not have been modded into oblivion.

Comment: Re:This Guy (Score 1) 337

by 5pp000 (#33260246) Attached to: Julian Assange To Write For Swedish Tabloid

No, the leaker, Bradley Manning, was an insider. I don't think you can put it all on the IT security people, although some review and revision of procedures may be in order.

The GP's concern is valid if there's any truth to the suggestion that informants' lives have been endangered. The Pentagon certainly wants us all to think so, but I have heard some interesting counterpoints, for example, that the identities of the informants are actually fairly well-known already. Could be true, and I certainly don't trust the Pentagon.

Despite that, I don't agree that the GP should wind up as -1, Flamebait. As somebody's sig always says, there is no "-1, Disagree" moderation on Slashdot.

Comment: Re:Nobody needs die of cancer any more (Score 1, Troll) 527

by 5pp000 (#33255308) Attached to: Preserving Memories of a Loved One?

-1, Troll? Scamming accusations?

I have no information one way or the other on what this poster says. But there's no indication in the post -- rather the contrary -- that he/she is selling anything.

The thinking here seems to be that anything that isn't already accepted by the medical consensus can't possibly be true. How people convince themselves that we already know everything about the human body, despite the extensive evidence to the contrary, never ceases to amaze me.

I'm not asking anyone to accept what this person says. I have no idea whether I would accept it, on examination. But modding the comment into oblivion, and accusing him/her of attempting to bilk the OP, reflects a closed-mindedness that is sad, arrogant, and, frankly, stupid.

If you can't understand it, it is intuitively obvious.