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Comment: Flash a total CPU hog? (Score 2) 507

by 5865 (#38088776) Attached to: Occupy Flash?

Nothing does a better job making my Athlon64 3000+ obsolete than by switching everything to HTML5.

Watching a video on Youtube in HTML5 shoots my CPU up to 80% while watching it through regular Flash only uses 55%.

Angry Birds in HTML5 is jerky (not to mention the crappy aliasing) and it'll work a lot better if implemented in Flash.

So surely I'm missing something when people keeps complaining Flash is a resource hog.

I hope it's not another hipster programmer fad like the functional language for everything trend a couple of years ago.

Comment: Re:Seen before ... (Score 1) 77

by 5865 (#33264446) Attached to: Microsoft's Adaptive Touchscreen Keyboard

Might be useful for shortcut keys like when you're using Photoshop or Illustrator.

The available hotkeys change contexts when you press ctrl/shift/alt and also on where the focus is on, what mode you're in, etc.

You can even have the entire toolbox on the keyboard so you can have extra horizontal space on the screen (a bit meh to be frank since it's vertical space we're more likely to be wanting especially since the 1080 HD scourge).

Comment: Re:Software engineering is not a new concept. (Score 1) 436

by 5865 (#28524927) Attached to: Does the 'Hacker Ethic' Harm Today's Developers?

There's no way for even a good developer to earn 30-40k in US dollars in India.

The average is 10k for software developers and 20k for project managers.

Maybe you've mistaken the figures for rupees per month, which also brings up the question why Americans love to quote their wages in per annum figures instead of per month figures.

No amount of genius can overcome a preoccupation with detail.