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Comment Re:Can anybody explain how thos works? (Score 1) 396

The only reason a smart person would want to work there is golden handcuffs. There must be something material ($$$) that most long time employees get there. Or they are not smart. Slaves did not have a choice to quit slavery. People under Mao or other communism regimes could not quit also. Pyramids were build presumably without forced labor...but you got gods' blessing. Manipulation and promises go only so long (hence attrition rates?). But given some products coming out of amazon (Fire Phone anyone) I have doubts there are many smart people left at Amazon.

Perhaps TFA misses something?

Comment Re:Not coming back (Score 1) 340

Very similar experience. It is hard to adjust to standing whole day initially - I use very soft shoes and a gel mat. However, on the days I stand I feel very physically tired after I get home. So I do often lower it (electric) and use a tall "saddle-like" seat, sometimes half standing/leaning against it. The seat helps mainlining good back posture.

May back pains was gone after a month or so - I could sleep again. But I also started to attend Pilates classes in addition to a daily hour of ping-pong.

Comment Anything more controlled could be better (Score 1) 263

Actually, a linux based "documentation reader" could have been more stable if designed with this single purpose in mind. At the least it could have been a closely controlled software environment (known, tested and not auto upgrading).

But not just because it's LINUX.

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