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Comment: Anything more controlled could be better (Score 1) 263

by 4wdloop (#49577905) Attached to: Crashing iPad App Grounds Dozens of American Airline Flights

Actually, a linux based "documentation reader" could have been more stable if designed with this single purpose in mind. At the least it could have been a closely controlled software environment (known, tested and not auto upgrading).

But not just because it's LINUX.

Comment: curb expenses or limit representation? (Score 1) 104

by 4wdloop (#49551769) Attached to: Vizio, Destroyer of Patent Trolls

So how about a system in which the only representation of both sides is from a pool of appointed a "universal legal service" (kin to "universal medical services" of some countries)?

Or at least both sides are limited in their expenses?

Similarly to what small clams court does to even the playing field?

Comment: Re:Probably just to prevent accessory competitors (Score 1) 55

by 4wdloop (#49077417) Attached to: Apple Patents Head-Mounted iPhone

This is not iPhone specific. FTFPatent:

"In accordance with the invention, a head-mounted display system and method of operation are provided in which the system can allow users to couple and decouple a portable electronic device with a head-mounted device. The portable electronic device may for example be physically and/or operatively coupled and decoupled with the head-mounted device. In some embodiments, the two devices may be considered temporarily integrated. "

It appears to patent any holder ("a head-mounted device") of any portable device worn on one's head that's providing a "display".

Comment: Is it Asha OS? "Nokia" ejection ready? (Score 1) 150

by 4wdloop (#48737439) Attached to: Microsoft Unveils Nokia 215, a $29 Phone With Internet Access

It figures, not an android, and not a back to Asha (

The phones with mini browsers (WAP) and email clients were available for many this is not really a "smart" phone (as in a phone with 1000s of apps).

BTW, since "Nokia Lumia" is now "Microsoft Lumia", the low end phones are now "Nokia" do they gettinh ready to span "Nokia" out of M$?

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