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Comment probabilities and physics are not in favour (Score 1) 275

As other commented observed, EM radiation diminishes with a square of distance, rendering it undetectable over interstellar distances, unless star-power emitters are used, Ditto for gravity. Likewise with neutrino-base comms, except it's the probability of catching this one stream of neutrinos that would diminish with square of distance.

Why would one use any of the C-speed-limited comms through interstellar space (to justify existence of star-power EM for example)r? Other then a species that have very slow time perception (say feel a "day" is 1000 earth years to make such comms usefull to them)...how would they even evolve?

They (ET) would have to really target us as direction of comms...but how would they know we are even here, per above, and why would they even want to?

On top of that we have temporal alignment chance...

IMHO, There is a good chance life did develop on other planets, sadly there is a very slim chance we will ever know about it. But, SETI is like playing Lotto, slim chances of success when you play vs no chance if you do not play and but put your energy elsewhere.

Comment picture frames! (Score 1) 174

Being a father of two and started to use digital cameras in last century, I collected sizable archive. It's too easy to take them and costly to process them. After each session (vacation, getway, event) I quickly sit down and process them using Picassa. Delete ones that are grosly bad, let my wife have a pass too, then adjust the rest. Last step is to download them to my picture frames which I build from old laptops. This is where the fun is as my fam constantly sees the pictures and we often stop and marvel and refresh our memories. Actually I am thinking about buying a ~40" tv and rebuilding it into a monster picture frame with DLNA.

And backup on several USB external drives, kept in different locations so I do not loose them to fire or theft. When I run out of space on older drives, get a new one but keep the old.

Comment Re:Can anybody explain how thos works? (Score 1) 396

The only reason a smart person would want to work there is golden handcuffs. There must be something material ($$$) that most long time employees get there. Or they are not smart. Slaves did not have a choice to quit slavery. People under Mao or other communism regimes could not quit also. Pyramids were build presumably without forced labor...but you got gods' blessing. Manipulation and promises go only so long (hence attrition rates?). But given some products coming out of amazon (Fire Phone anyone) I have doubts there are many smart people left at Amazon.

Perhaps TFA misses something?

I've got a bad feeling about this.