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Comment Re:Tiny? (Score 2) 187

1us = 1000ns = 100000 ps hence 500ps=0.5ns=0.0005us=0.0000000005s=5e-10s

but yes, not a tiny error given expected GPS accuracy.

pulse-per-second signal derived from GPS should be accurate to tens of ns...

Comment $65 now, how's TDP? (Score 3, Informative) 120

The $45 and later $50 was an early kickstarter deal. It's $65 now (or $500 for 10).
1GB ram and 16GB flash makes it a non-windows worthy at the moment (don't even bring up the Win10 IoT gimmick).

The 4 core Atom is a good CPU with a decent GPU (for a small SoC).
But how does this board's TDP compare to Pi or BBB?

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