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Comment: You should know by now... (Score 1) 387

by 327 (#46036661) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: It's 2014 -- Which New Technologies Should I Learn?

...that tomorrows tech is just a collection of encapsulated tech from yesterday.

So learn a couple modern web/mobile frameworks.

Their structure and workflow will show you current development trends and give you a taste of each piece before you take a deep dive.

For extra credit (and an enhancement to your adaptability), pick both a popular web stack and an obscure one.

Anecdotal: After being out of web development for 2 years, I spent last week with jquery/mongodb/backbone/handlebars/bootstrap and feel like I never missed a beat. I feel like I gained a beat! My last project before this was on a LAMP stack, so the transition was not only easy, but also refreshing.

Comment: Re:Loons running the asylum (Score 1) 318

by 327 (#43861631) Attached to: Taking Action For Free JavaScript

So the FSF still seems to be able to find ways to make themselves more loony and fringe. Nice job guys!

Yes, this is pretty pathetic. There are plenty of areas where free software is very important, such as basic computing infrastructure like compilers, operating systems, networking, web standards, and audio/video decoders. But instead they are focusing on the script that makes text blink on some random website.

Javascript is widely used for form validation. It is also more general-public facing than a compiler or any other infrastructure will ever be.

Blinking text? That was mildly funny nearly 20 years ago and didn't require javascript.

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