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Comment Re: stupid question (Score 1) 235

What if you cross a border where the "maximum speed limit" is higher (or lower)?
What if the "maximum speed limit" is changed?
How do you prevent someone from tampering with the setting?

On the other hand, going above the "maximum speed limit" of a country (or state) is not the most unsafe type of speeding. It's much more problematic to speed in locations where the actual speed limit is lower than the "maximum speed limit".

Comment Re:Amazons profits trivial compared to their reven (Score 1) 243

Amazon in the US tends to do the investment in R&D. How much does it do in the UK? From the sounds of it not much. It doesn't matter how much R&D it does in the US Amazon UK can't write it off.

Sure it can. They can license the results of the R&D and write off the license fees to Amazon US. In fact, the US tax authorities might even demand that Amazon US collect license fees from foreign subsidiaries - otherwise they would actually transfer profits (the arm's length license fees) from the US to foreign countries.

Comment Re:just what we all love (Score 1) 243

A Mom and Pop convenience store may not turn a "profit" at all, instead merely supplying Mom and Pop with a stable occupation and a living salary. They "invested" as little as a few thousand dollars, or as much as a half million dollars, and the only real ROI is that they are their own bosses, with a stable job that they enjoy.

Being “their own bosses” and having “a stable job that they enjoy” (with a “living salary”) is their ROI.

Comment Re:just what we all love (Score 1) 243

By running two or more different companies in different countries you can "sell" things across the borders at artificial (fake) prices so that, no profit is made in the UK, and all of it is in Luxembourg or Ireland, on paper. There's no free market for those trades, it's all between two companies, controlled by the same people.

You know, tax authorities actually look at transfer prices for intra-group sales and services to ensure that they are at arm's length. If they aren't, they're taxed as profits.

Comment Re:just what we all love (Score 1) 243

Free trade is only desirable to the stronger economy/ies in the bloc. For example: The Eurozone benefits the already established industrial powers (Germany) while giving no incentive for the smaller countries to set up their own factories.

Then how come that smaller countries in the EU seem to thrive economically?

In a free trade agreement, Germany can now dump all of their products in a smaller country and take all of their money. Germany doesn't need to buy anything from them: they already make everything their need - so basically the smaller country is just a raw material supplier, or purely agricultural exporter.

Germany as a whole does not decide that it needs not to buy anything from, say, Austria. It's individual people or corporations who decide to buy from supplier A, B or C. In a free market, supplier C from Austria has the same chance of being chosen as A and B from Germany.

Comment Re:better than rushing steaming piles of shit. (Score 1) 180

Compare that to Terry Pratchett: 22 Discworld novels in the same timeframe, all in the same universe, all hanging together, including hanging together with the previous 18 novels he had written over the previous 13 years.

And full of contradictions.

The effort to write a single consistent story is not O(n), after all. Even if it's only O(n log n), Martin wins:

22 * 300 log 300 =~ 16000
1 * 6000 * log 6000 =~ 22500

Comment Re:where is the controversy? (Score 1) 642

Where is the controversy? If someone says the earth is the center of the universe, either they are dumb, or very conceited and really mean they are the center of the universe, but don't want to offend the rest of us. Oh wait, I get it now...

Relativity actually says that the Earth is in fact the centre of the universe, from Earth's perspective. It's exactly age of universe times speed of light from the borders of the Universe. That does not mean that Earth is special, however. The same is true for any other place in the universe.

Darwin is right.

Comment Re:False advertising. (Score 1) 273

Trouble with this is the carriers won't be able to run national ads with their pricing. Instead the price will have to be concealed until you're about to sign up. Some states (Nevada) you pay around 7%, whereas others (I think NY?) it's 25%. I'm still trying to figure out why the government finds it necessary to make a cell phone so expensive to have, even if your income is shit.

They could still run nationwide ads with the net price but quote the correct amount before you sign up.

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