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Journal Journal: Wowsa

Although I haven't posted in my journal for a long time, mainly because i thinks its a little queer. But hit up
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Journal Journal: IT

remember back in the day when Information Technologies meant librarian? My current computer science teacher is a click monkey and i can't friggin stand him, i wish computer programming didnt include visual basic people....don't get me wrong i too write programs in vb but i don't think this should qualify me to teach ap computer science.
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Journal Journal: my prison warden

my cool prison warden friggin got fired, now im stuck with this real hard ass, and no more visitors it seems. Fuck, and my niggah kite, is out and he swears i wont get his punk ass
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Journal Journal: har har

my niggah, is almost free from jail whilst i am still here, i hate this bullshit, he did way more than i did, but this niggah is my heart so im gonna let this shit slide, but when i get free, he better be willing to ride wit me against the hoe that got away for the same crime.
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Journal Journal: man linux is hot

i have minimal experience with linux, i think im gonna download and burn the Isos and install Red Hat, for the first time on my Main Computer. I just hope all my hardware is supported or else!

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