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Comment Re:Awesome! (Score 1) 208

"look for them here in earth. Use them to sieve the thousands of stories about aliens"

That truly would be a complete waste of money.
All these loonie stories kidnapping, anal probes, etc, etc, is why serious SETI gets treated as a joke.

Anyway,it's been done.
The answer is 99% proven nothing happened, 1% unknown.

Use your brain. If aliens are visiting us with such frequency, WHERE IS THE PHYSICAL EVIDENCE?
Any artefact made off-earth will have a different isotopic ratio, even if we don't know what it is.
Where is one drop of alien sweat with their DNA or equivalent?

Comment Re:Futile search? (Score 1) 208

"If the search for extraterrestrial life leads to that life deciding to destroy all life on earth, would it
still be a "good investment" ?"

The proposed plan is for listening only, not broadcasting a "here we are" signal,.

If there are indeed malignant and hostile aliens who extermiante every other species that pops up, it would be even more important to know all we can about them.

Comment Re:Futile search? (Score 1) 208

"Too many variables to know what is really going on atm." Yes.Which is why actually doing some legwork rather than just theorising makes sense. $100m is nothing compared to the potential consequences of discovering ET life. Even if the chance is 1 in a million, it's a good investment.

Comment Re:Why isn't sandboxing standard practice? (Score 4, Insightful) 25

People have been asking that FOR 20 FUCKING YEARS
Virus:W97M/Concept also known as Word Prank Macro or WW6Macro - is a macro virus which has been written with the Microsoft Word v6.x macro language. It has been reported in several countries, and seems to have no trouble propagating in the wild.

WM/Concept used to be extremely widespread during 1995-1997.
I remember back in 2000, my boss asking "How do I run this "I Love You" macro someone sent me?"

Word macros were cool and useful, until Microsoft decided it was clever to embed them in the document.

And they did the same fucking thing with "Windows Media"
And USB autoexec

Always prioritising some gimmicky shit that allowed advertisers to push crap over security, and allowed any asshole to take over your PC by getting you to open a document or media file.

Comment Re:The REAL value of the transit system (Score 1) 170

Mass transit subsidies are more obvious, but private transport is massively subsidised by the government and community. Roads, highways, bridges, tunnels, etc, etc. Hundreds of billions is spent on road infrastructure. (Some overlap here, but the great proportion is used by private cars.)
Hundreds of billions on health costs -- car accidents, air pollution.
Hundreds of billions in wars to secure access to automobile fuel.

If all the costs of private urban road transport were added up, maybe we could see which forms of transport really cost more.

Comment Re:What could possibly go wrong (Score 1) 82

If anyone wants to download a bootleg Kindle edition, you can easily find them online very shortly after publication
(And many books with no official ebook edition have homemade versions of varying quality as well.)

Most Kindle books are 500kB or so, less than a hi res scan of a page.

So this scan/print/sign/register/download method is much more work than what you can already do now.

Comment Re:Exactly right (Score 1) 228

You can call them "shit" if you want, but then you would have to acknowledge that the theory and history of economics is shit, because that's what I'm referring to. I studied this "shit", dude, in pretty exhausting detail.

You are the one who declares everything different from the US system is shit. That everyone must accept your definitions of socialism, communism, capitalism, constitution.

Political philosophy evolves. It isn't frozen with whatever the first famous person to write a book about it said.

Studying exhaustively doesn't mean you are impartial. I see far many people here with a wealth of detailed knowledge they use to support their prejudices.

I know socialists and they don't believe what you insist they do. I know communists and they are mostly good, altruistic people. But I know what would happen should they get real power.

Comment Re:Exactly right (Score 0) 228

I was using Marx's definition of Socialism.

Marx isn't Mohammed. He doesn't define "socialism" for everyone now, if he ever did, and certainly few if any socialists I know would defer to his definition. Any Marxists still around hate socialists more than anyone else for not being pure enough.

Maybe I should have used "democratic socialism" which is what most current socialists profess.

Anyway, you haven't actually cited any sources, just invoked some names.

Not under one Constitution, which is what I referred to.

Fine. Enabling you to just completely ignore any country, like most of Europe, that didn't follow your exact historical progression and evolved their constitutions rather than creating them in a dramatic event.

Communism -- true Communism, by the very definition of what Communism is -- has no government. Name me one country in written history that qualifies.

That was the final stage, which of course was never attained. Many though did have quite idyllic "all for one and one for all" periods of altruistic government for a short time after the revolution, until the assholes started manoeuvring for power.

Anyway, I wouldn't care about your silly word games except you are using them to say every form of government except your own is shit. A sadly common insular American attitude.

Theory is gray, but the golden tree of life is green. -- Goethe