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You can get all your Yahoo email by POP. You can pay about $20 a year; or do it free if you change your location to a non-US location, like e.g. Singapore. Then you can turn on POP. You can't send via their SMTP though, which wasn't a problem till this week. Now I put my ISP address as "From" and Yahoo in my "Reply-To". But it's pushing me to give up Yahoo entirely. I've been uneasy about them since MS bought them anyway.

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So yes, there are many households that have only one way of connecting to the internet.

The question was in relation to someone trying to get Ubuntu working on his PC. That the person even contemplates that (or upgrading Windows even) implies a level of PC sophistication. If they don't have an old PC or laptop in the closet, they know someone they can borrow one from. Anyway, I think those who really cant would be pretty rare.

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If these people are still running Windows XP, do you think they have smartphones and smart TVs?

Why not? I do.

I do remote support for a fortune 500 company whose product is targeted at the general public, and every day I work on Windows XP machines with 512MB of RAM, etc. and these clients don't have any other machine in their house. In reality it's time to buy a new computer, but that's not an option for everyone sadly.

You can get a much better PC, say 4 years old, for $50. Or less. Less than getting phone support from a Fortune 500 company probably.....

My old PC is better than that and I literally can't give it away.

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I ran Win2k until earlier this year. Everyone kept tutting about how vulnerable I was to viruses, etc. In more than 10 years, not one. But they smiled and said I was just too dumb to know. Anyway, I believe that a 3rd party firewall, antivirus and any net-interacting software, kept up top date, and it doesn't matter how soggy the OS is under it. When the PC died I put XP on the new one; as more software was becoming incompatible with 2k. The real problem will come when Firefox is not updated for XP -- I think it is on its last legs for 2k compatibility. And Flash is already incompatible, so lots of websites didn't work properly.

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How are you going to google for instructions when your network card is a cheap belkin that won't work?

On your phone. Laptop. Smart TV. I have the same problem when my PC is in pieces for any reason; I use a laptop to look up stuff to get it working. Do many households have one and only one way to access the net? And how ancient a PC is it that doesn't have ethernet on board? If worst comes to worst, spend $5 on a supported card.

The only time we had a problem with Ubuntu and hardware was when we were waiting for broadband to be connected for a few days and had to use dialup. Ubuntu didn't recognise the modem port on the Dell laptop. Never needed to before or since though; I believe there are proprietary drivers but didn't bother to chase them up.

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On the downside, how many kids/grandkids are there that will know how to fix their parents/grandparents Linux machines?

Not many now; a few weeks after its rolled out, a lot. They will learn. Also, Android is Linux, and there is already a lot of knowledge about that that transfers both ways.

I got a used laptop for my daughter with a locked down version of Vista on it that wouldn't let me install anything. So I nuked it and put Ubuntu on it. She's been using it for two years. Complained of course, but it works and I can basically let her install whatever she likes, for free, with no fear. She had an XP laptop before that was lousy with viruses. Libre Office handles all her schoolwork.Now she also has a Galaxy Android phone and rooted it so she run stuff she used on Ubuntu.

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it has figured in a number of investigative coups that went beyond the systemâ(TM)s original purpose of counterterrorism in Lower Manhattan after the Sept. 11 attack

They aren't even pretending it's just anti-terrorism.

it was developed by cops for cops

I'm sure it doesn't track every movement of every person in New York and store it in a database indefinitely. That will be version 2.0.

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The recipient just wanted to play the game and signed up fo the game to pay the game, not to make himself a target for your ads.

Its not as bad as the usual viagra/no credt loans/penis enlarger/419 crap, but it's still spam. I DO NOT WANT TO READ IT. I DID NOT ASK FOR IT. IT IS SPAM, and if you think a page of small print on the sign up page "proves" I "solicited" it, then fuck you.

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Yeah, we all want to edit our photos, videos, documents in the cloud. Why the fuck would I want to do that? I've got a workflow. I've got versions of Photohhop, Acrobat and Illustrator that are quite old, but I know how they work and they all can work together smoothly.

I don't need to send gigabytes of data back and forth to Adobe to do every edit. I don't have to worry about the interface changing overnight when I have a deadline. Or not being able to do anything because of a "temporary" service interruption, or because my system doesn't meet the requirements of the current software. And I certainly DO NOT want anyone trawling through all my work and indexing it so they can send me more fucking targetted ads. I don't want "Software as a service". I bought it once and don't need to pay for it again and again.

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' Networks will need to support 58% compound annual growth rates in bandwidth on average, the IEEE claims, driven by simultaneous increases in users, access methodologies, access rates and services such as video on demand and social media. Networks would need to support capacity requirements of 1 terabit per second in 2015 and 10 terabit per second by 2020 if current trends continue, the organization says."

Just looking at the current rate of growth and extending it out indefinitely is clearly absurd. Exponential growth has to run into physical, or financial, limits sooner or later. Sooner in this case, I think.

Anyway, where I am, there has been no increase in speed for the last 10 years. In fact it's gotten worse, as more and more people hook up and try to stream video on their phones, pads, etc., etc., but the upstream capacity is still the same and the phone company just shrugs knowing we have no choice. So if I applied the same naive style of prediction, I'd say we are going to have 1.8 MB/sec forever. (Which may be true, unless fibre is activated in my lifetime.)

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As to flashbacks... What else do you expect from JJ?

Well, in the Lost flashbacks, they gave the actor a shaggy hairdo to make them look "younger". Younger Ben Linus was hilarious. With Revolution, the fat Google guy is exactly as fat and bearded as he was after 15 years of post-apocalypse.

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...which will put one hundred geeks on a plane for twelve hours to look for solutions to the global tech skills crisis. Ungrounded, as the project is called, will bring 100 âoeinnovatorsâ (Silicon Valley CEOs, thinkers and venture capitalists) on a private BA flight from San Francisco to London.

CEOs, venture capitlsts. To work in Silicon Valley they must be able to talk the talk, but I'll bet none of them is a "geek" as the word is used now. Though some might be adept at biting the heads off chickens.

Probably a good thing considering how clueless real geeks can be about how society works. They tend to be either libertarians, communists or anarchists. All equally unreal and unworkable philosophies in the real world.

Anyway, obviously the CEOs and venture capitalists will advocate importing cheap talent from poor countries to replace the expensive local workers. The only interesting thing is how they will present it to try to make it seem like a good thing for the first world workers. "You'll all be promoted to managers" maybe.

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So, here's the other reason to force people to pay to submit to the journal. This weeds out the cranks and trolls.

No, it weeds out the poor cranks. And researchers, say in climate change, or pharmaceuticals, or diet... who are friendly to corporations, would find the money easily enough. Leaving science that was inconvenient to business unpublished. Imagine how this would have affected research on the effects of smoking.

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Well, with Revolution I watched it as it came out. Very, very dumb series. But everyone was telling JJ from the start that he HAD to have an explanation, that no one trusted him any more, after Lost, and the mess he made of Alias before that, when the ending was just pulled out of his ass and satisfied no one. Before the end of season 1 they do show you what caused the power to go off. But not who did it and why.

But the girl as the star is a Barbie doll and the plots are very repetitive and silly. The technology is terribly inconsistent. They keep having flashbacks, 15 years before, yet everyone looks exactly the same as they are "now".

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They blew their chance to appeal to anyone except the (tiny) existing fan base. The Reaver conspiracy made little sense unless you were already a fan of the series. And they pissed off those fans by killing off two major characters. And yes, I know Whedon does that. Doesn't make it popular. It had its moments, of course, but wasn't near as involving as many of the episodes. And critical analysis aside, it was a commercial failure, didn't make its cost back until the DVD sale, despite fan campaigns to publicise it. Thats what killed the "franchise".

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