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Comment Multirole aircraft DON'T WORK. (Score 2) 364

Or, don't work well. Does nobody remember the lessons of the infamous F-111? It was going to replace fighters, attack planes, light bombers, nuclear strike bombers, for both the Air Force and the Navy. The plane went WAY over budget, and in the end, the the F-111 turned out to be a pretty good light attack/recon aircraft, but not much else. Instead of a plane that's excellent at say, dogfighting, you get one that is mediocre at dogfighting. And VTOL/STOL. And attack. It's like using a leatherman when you could be using actual tools.

Comment graphics not the main problem (Score 5, Insightful) 104

DF is an ALMOST great game. The problem is not the graphics so's the utterly confusing command/menu system. The strange progress of its development, for example, implementing bees and armadillos in the face of game-ending crashes or utterly useless military commands, is also frustrating.

Comment They didn't fix a lot of things (Score 5, Insightful) 383

For example, they KNEW that the BOP (blowout preventer) was not functioning correctly. one of the 2 control systems was out, and they had been bringing up pieces of the rubber seal in the test fluid. They were cutting corners on their cut corners. You'd think this would serve as exhibit A to silence all the "GOVERNMENT R BAD, CORPORATIONS R GOOD" nutcases in the USA today, but unfortunately it does not seem to have had that effect.

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