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Comment Dailymotion/Vimeo (Score 3, Interesting) 56

I've already seen people backing up and dual broadcasting due to DMCA takedowns on youtube. Most are podcasts or game reviewers that are getting DMCA take downs, and after 3 your account is removed. Scary. I have no loyalty to youtube or twitter, or any other service that decides to swing the ban hammer on content producers for political reasons hiding behind a DMCA takedown.

Comment Old co-worker only needed 4 hours (Score 1) 315

I had an old co-worker who slept 4 hours a day, he was even tested by multiple colleges in sleep studies. He won the genetic lotto for only needing 4 hours.
Really helped his chosen career as a DBA/Engineer, he would always do the maintenance windows for the dba work and still be in before everyone.
Crazy, guy was in his late 50's when I worked with him.

Myself, Body likes around 7-8, but 9 or so when I'm really exhausted. When I was in my prime, 6 hours good to go, but I tended to sleep 12 on weekends to catch up on the sleep debt.

I've always thought about trying segmented sleep so you could get the "Waking hour" aka creative hours. When you would wake up early and work on something, then catch a couple hours sleep after. I use to wake up work on a project for couple hours, super creative and fast. Miss those days when I had time to do that. Maybe when I retire.

I dont think there is a complete science to sleep, too many factors.

Comment 5 Eps on the website (Score 5, Interesting) 93

I just watched the 5 eps on the website over the last week, very enjoyable, even if fan made. They even had them in HD.

I really wish we had a star trek series on tv, over the last year I re-watched DS9, last year I re-watched Voyager. I finished the Stargate Series last month.

The state of sci-fi on tv really sucks right now.

Comment Telecoms, ISPs and the hash list (Score 1) 177

Worked at AT&T and T-Mobile and they ran the hash list along with a virus scan on emails, mms messages and photo albums. I'm sure other image hosting services run the same checks. If any photo popped, you had to notify this third party company who acted with the cops. If a cop had a warrant, you would call the telcom to have an engineer to drop a dvd in the admin server, run a collect script that zips everything up, and then have the police department show up and pick up the dvd outta the dvd-rom drive. Nobody is allowed to touch the DVD. Maintains the chain of custody.

Comment Behavioral Retargeting (Score 1) 121

Anyone who uses facebook will notice how it picks and chooses what to show you. Even if you jump through their overly complicated grouping methods, it will only limit what to show you. The only way to get a good stream is to view each person/group independently, which is over kill. You cant add secret groups to lists, so you have to view each secret group directly. RSS feeds no longer work, and stories are limited to 20 at a time.

They even scan for posts that relate to what you post, including categories and tag them. You post lots of political, food, cats, notice how the the feeds show you "likewise" posts from people. Think about that, your posts are tagged by its content.

This is a scary trend, they choose what you can see on the largest "social site". Its not social when facebook picks and chooses for you.

Facebook has already been banning content they seem offensive for political reasons. Lets not kid ourselves, the hate for anything non-progressive, left leaning gets a hammer on facebook. If enough people brigade vote on someone as offensive, it gets removed quicker than left leaning views. The stories of right wing groups getting their pages removed, or anti-feminist groups being removed is happening way to often. I've seen 2 people i follow had their page removed due to an inflammatory comment made against some popular social movements. While the censorship is really all over a sliding scale on what is acceptable, the side of safety is only for leftist views.

So, we have automated processes on what you content is shown, broken content reader, administrators removing content due to personal values, governments adding blacklists, facebook remove functionality and apis, and you being used as a lab animal in their testing.

Facebook is indeed a deal with the devil for its thought controlled social networking experience.

Comment Re:Everybody List What You Think Went Wrong (Score 0) 552

The editors ignored the pro-gamergate news, pro male news, but kept the healthy does of anti-gamergate news like the Wu around. Lets have more articles on harassment of women, how women have it tough in Amazon, how women are being ostracized in tech!

With a readership of mostly males interested in tech, they really did push a feminist liberal agenda over tech news. And look what it got them, most of the users left, the quality of news went down, and click bait appeared.

Comment Lets see (Score -1, Troll) 552

Killed off freshmeat, turned sourceforge into bigger pile of crap, slashdot is become a SJW haven for articles against men and hides articles for its corporate masters.

Did we hire gawker staff to run this place into the ground? I'd say get back to roots, and support your audience, but alas, appears to be a tad too late.

Shame, I remember when /. was at the heart of tech news, remember CPU magazine? So sad.

Comment Re:wrong answer (Score 3, Insightful) 557

That was expected, "if you are not for us, you are against us" would be her answer.

She was unknown to me before gamergate, and now the only thing I ever see from her is hate speech against men. Her toxic views of male gamers appear on video game sites as fact. Her views of video game design as being misogynistic is being promoted as fact.

Her video games reviews are only about sexism, leaving off what games are really about, gameplay, interaction, puzzles, design, ingenuity.

Shes a one sided hate parrot, and I really cant condone her viewpoints or actions. The professional victim act gets old.

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