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Comment Re:Duck time? (Score 1) 227

The big promise of Google was algorithmic processing. You can't be accused of being partial if the algorithms decide who gets to be on top. Well over time people have learned how to game those algorithms. The first links on the results page are often ad infested hellholes, spyware bundling download websites, etc.

I refuse to believe that Google is not aware of it. Why aren't they doing anything about it? I don't know.

Comment Re:Most degrees from India... (Score 2) 264

Last coworker I had from India had a masters but spelled like he was on a q9 keyboard.

Hey man, some people take compression seriously !

Sadly if somebody can only cite a random foreign school and experience and if nobody can vet them, I'll pass on the applicant. The immigrant experience is not easy.

I don't understand why you would need to go to such lengths to verify their degrees. I've found that asking 2-3 barely moderately difficult questions usually exposes any kind of amateur/charlatan/poser. Heck I'd probably hire a person who faked his entire resume if he could pass through my interview.

Comment Re:So much for stability and uptimes... (Score 1) 175

The problem with your first company was the process itself. Downtime was OK? Hello! What? Also, a rollback should be an extremely rare event (for either schedule). Lots of rollbacks/downtime shows that people managing the project are not serious about uptime/stability/etc - in which case, the point is moot.

Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 1) 489

Sure they do. All the time. The only reason we don't notice (especially on Windows) is because people don't start using the newer APIs unless enough people are actually using the newer version to make it worth the effort. For e.g.. DX11/DirectCompute (Vista+) - Better texture decompression, Core Audio (VIsta+) - lower audio latency , WSAPoll - (Vista+) allowed Windows sockets to work more like UNIX ones making cross platform networking software a bit easier to write. Anyway, anyone interested can go spend their own time and find a list longer than I care to type.

Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 5, Informative) 489

Why should I waste my time with Windows 10?

Why? Well, if you want to run Windows Applications :-)

And it's Windows 7, I haven't even looked at Windows 8.

Short Answer: No, you should not upgrade.

Long Answer: If you're interested in kernel side stuff, like most OS releases kernel changes are incremental. Here are a few :-

0) Secure Boot - With a chained OS boot you can be sure (well, its microsoft :P ) that your kernel mode components have been cryptographically verified. IIRC they started using this 10 years ago with the xbox 360. Ofcource the 360 security was promptly broken after people figured out how to patch the firmware, but I still think it is a nice-to-have feature.
1) Client side Hyper-V runs all OSs, including host OS on a thin hypervisor with minimal performance impact (Intels SLAT tech)
2) Native USB 3.0 , I've found that on Windows 7 third party usb 3.0 drivers are a hit/miss in terms of maximum performance.
3) Stricter LFH (Low fragmentation heap) Internals (guard pages, less determinism, etc) -Result - You're better guarded against buggy drivers and potentially malicious kernel mode components.
4) Newer API for driver mem alloc (NonPagedPoolNx) - IIRC windows kernel components have switched to using this. Result - Stability boost, Security boost - all kernel memory objects are in non excutable mem, etc
5) Uses Intels new-ish RDRAND instruction for a higher quality random number gen as the basis for ASLR

Comment Re:MicroSD card? (Score 2) 325

So don't install the update?

Or, Apple should allow downgrades. If I update to a newer iOS and later find out that it consumes too much storage, or that its too slow, I should be able to downgrade to what I had.

After the update, apple locks my phone OS version to the newer OS without giving me an option to restore my phone to the state I purchased it in. Frankly, I find that ridiculous.

(No, jailbreaking doesn't help because the downgrade is blocked at the bootrom level. And even if it did, I don't want to rely on exploiting security bugs on my phone for a 'feature' that the device maker should be giving me as standard)

Nobody is putting a gun to your head and telling you to upgrade.

The language in the update's release notes pertaining to security bugs could easily be interpreted by a layman as an "update, or else" threat.

Comment Re:Also.. (Score 1) 328

I could reset it back to out-of-box,

Unless you mean that you just want to reset the settings and continue using your existing OS, No, you couldn't.

There is no bootrom exploit available for the 4s. Apple has changed the way they secure the firmware. Pre-saved SHSH blobs are useless now. You can jailbreak newer firmware but you're unable to downgrade to any OS other than the one they sign. (which is iOS 8 at present)

Comment What if adblockers were the default.. (Score 1) 249

I wonder what kidn of web we would end up with if adblockers were installed by default on every system. Certainly.. PC vendors would reduce support costs. The user would be shielded from malware java/flash ads and useless resource-hogging "analytics" scripts. Yelp-type parasitic companies that make money by just taking content other people have created and layering a shit-ton of ads on top would disappear overnight. I think that a virtual tip-jar that people can anonymously give to would be a great way to finance the real content creators..

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