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Comment: Re:What if adblockers were the default.. (Score 1) 249

by 0ld_d0g (#47966211) Attached to: Small Restaurant Out-Maneuvers Yelp In Reviews War

If you think mentioning it once in a casual comment amounts to "harping" on it, then you should consider buying a dictionary. Secondly, I'm perfectly capable of deciding whether I "benefit" from analytics or not. Your opinion on what is and isn't useful to me is irrelevant.

Comment: What if adblockers were the default.. (Score 1) 249

by 0ld_d0g (#47962749) Attached to: Small Restaurant Out-Maneuvers Yelp In Reviews War

I wonder what kidn of web we would end up with if adblockers were installed by default on every system. Certainly.. PC vendors would reduce support costs. The user would be shielded from malware java/flash ads and useless resource-hogging "analytics" scripts. Yelp-type parasitic companies that make money by just taking content other people have created and layering a shit-ton of ads on top would disappear overnight. I think that a virtual tip-jar that people can anonymously give to would be a great way to finance the real content creators..

Comment: Opt-out is the new default... (Score 1) 152

by 0ld_d0g (#46722885) Attached to: Google Chrome Flaw Sets Your PC's Mic Live

Remember that awkward interview with Zuckerberg where he was asked why some of t he FB privacy stuff was opt-out instead of opt-in.. ? I think a lot of companies have learnt from that exchange. Other than nerds, the average person won't care about this as well. Hell 7 years ago all of us would be highly suspicious of software that downloaded unverifiable executables and could update them behind your back like Chrome does now. In the same way where you don't have control over the UI experience of a website, soon any program will be able to modify itself at-will removing control from the user. I remember people being outraged by cookies in the early 00s. The frog has been in the water too long...

Comment: Why *should* we see an increase? (Score 1) 4

by 0ld_d0g (#45924915) Attached to: PC Shipments In 2013 See The Worst Yearly Decline In History

Is there any positive reason to see an increase? I'm still using my desktop I built in 2008. The only thing that I might want is an SSD. But with 8GB of RAM, once all the apps/data are cached in memory, there are only very specific use cases where I'd see the boost from the SSD.

Comment: Re:Keep pushing your tech on us, Google (Score 1) 123

by 0ld_d0g (#45410415) Attached to: Google Chrome 31 Is Out: Web Payments, Portable Native Client

Even if the GP was a bit harsh, I don't understand why you think its wrong to be suspicious of Google's motives? What happening is fairly obvious. They want to become a platform like Windows/Linux/OSX and establish control. Chrome (the browser) + NaCl is the trojan horse to accomplish this. I personally would definitely *NOT* want a future with a SaaS model where running applications on my machine would necessitate internet access to Googles servers.

Your 'if you don't like it, fork it' attitude is misplaced. That works for tiny 'hello world' type open source projects. Once OSS projects get to be complex you cannot just fork them without major $ resources. Without the money all you can do is complain on online forums.

Also, One could say a similar thing to you. If you don't like the comment, ignore it :)

Comment: Re:TL;DR Version (Score 2) 148

by 0ld_d0g (#45011717) Attached to: The Memo That Spawned Microsoft Research

Yes, they let them research the shit out of stuff, and then SHELVE IT AND NEVER USE IT.

Who cares if they shelve it as long as they publish it. Just last week I benefited from their research. MSR has a paper on resolution independent curve rendering and using that technique to render text using implicit curves. People are using that to render fonts inside the pixel shader w/o any font/graphics API !

M$ R&D department has only one role - to slurp up all the Stanford/mit/caltech they can get their hands on and deny other big corps (FB/google/amazon) that brainpower.

Some evil trickery forces people to apply for jobs? MSR has a Vulcan mind meld?

Besides.. I'm happy if they hire the smartest people and keep publishing papers. Everyone gets to benefit.

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