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Report: Amazon Cloud Backed By 450,000 Servers 45

Posted by timothy
from the single-breasted-cumulus-spotted-in-lorton dept.
1sockchuck writes "How many servers does it take to power Amazon's huge cloud computing operation? A researcher estimates that Amazon Web Services is using at least 454,400 servers in seven data center hubs around the globe. The analysis suggests up to 70 percent of those servers may be in Virginia."
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Report: Amazon Cloud Backed By 450,000 Servers

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday March 15, 2012 @09:46AM (#39363195)
    Having been to some of the largest data centers in Virginia, I can assure you that the UPS warehousing is quite vast as well - certainly not an afterthought like in many data centers.
  • by ILongForDarkness (1134931) on Thursday March 15, 2012 @01:42PM (#39367069)

    Exactly. If 70% of the capacity is in Virginia can the other 30% keep everyone going? The other locations probably have a lot of load too because people tend to have instances in different zones to try to route traffic to nearby clusters for example. So lets say europe and asia each have the other 15% (I realize there is some other datacentres in the US so not exactly true but approximate). You have 2B+ people in asia all hitting that 15% of hardware already. Now you try to shovel off 35% of your network to their cluster ie greater than 2X more work and have all the extra latency issues to deal with (because presumably US instances were being used because they were closer to the users) ouch.

    That said though I guess we don't know how their usage looks. They might be double sized already and so it would only be 0.5*(15+35)%. I doubt they are keeping that much spare capacity around but who knows?

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