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The Internet

Mike Godwin hired by Wikimedia Foundation 84

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the nazis-in-dept-line-mean-story-is-cancelled dept.
Raul654 writes "Mike Godwin, first legal counsel for the EFF who is best known for coining Godwin's law, has been hired as the legal counsel for the Wikimedia Foundation."
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Mike Godwin hired by Wikimedia Foundation

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  • Re:Qualifications (Score:3, Informative)

    by daeg (828071) on Wednesday July 04, 2007 @10:37AM (#19743997)
    Did you miss the part about Godwin being the first legal counsel to the EFF?
  • by mnemonic (43109) on Wednesday July 04, 2007 @05:16PM (#19747931)
    Hi, Richard.

    As you know, I fully credit your having had some inkling of Godwin's Law before I formalized it. :-)

    Next thing you'll be telling me that somebody invented cars before Henry Ford and that Apple didn't invent the personal computer!

    Seriously, I will admit that I'd have thought about stealing a line from Richard Sexton, who is a crafter of great lines, had I known about Richard and the line in advance. But the greatest influence on Godwin's Law was Keith Henson's article about memes in Whole Earth Review, plus the fact that I was reading a lot of Primo Levi at the time.


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