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0x0d0a's Journal: On use/quoting of Slashdot content I've written. 3

Journal by 0x0d0a

I've had one particularly scrupulous person ask whether reprinting things that I've written on Slashdot is acceptable. I consider any content I've written freshly for Slashdot to be public domain -- it'd be nice (though not a requirement) for you to attribute me (as 0x0d0a on Slashdot). You can use what I've written here however you'd like.

There is one caveat that you should consider: If I'm quoting something that has previously been written elsewhere, by someone else (or me), I can't necessarily place that into the public domain. If I use a snippit of source code from the Linux kernel, obviously I can't simply put it in the public domain. Other than that, have fun with it!

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On use/quoting of Slashdot content I've written.

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  • by Artifex (18308)
    I wish I'd written something worth quoting :)
    • by Dwonis (52652) *
      That reminds me of a quote:
      I wish I'd written something worth quoting :)

      -- Artifex
      • I had a feeling someone would do that. Actually, I've been quoted by friends in IRC saying that for a long time :) Still, it's flattering to get my name in italics.

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