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SuiteSisterMary's Journal: Painting a BIG target on my chest 3

Journal by SuiteSisterMary

But, what the hell.

Female: Woman..blah blah...mysterious creatures...blah blah...more sensitive and caring...blah blah...sacred Feminine..blah blah..women's intuition..blah blah...understand what it's like to create life, so less warlike than men...blah blah.

Male: Yeah, due to apparent differences in brain structure and hormones, it would seem that men and women think differently.

Female: SEXIST PIG! How typically male.

Male: But isn't that a stereotypical...

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Painting a BIG target on my chest

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  • Men and women think *differnetly*. However, men and women are on whole *equivalent*, and there are numerous persons who do not easily fit their biological sterotype.

  • *takes aim*
  • I agree -- women and men ARE different. I never believed that "girliness" was in-born until I had a little girl. For nearly four years, I have watched her gravitate almost exclusively toward dolls and stuffed animals and all kinds of stereotypically feminine shit. In the meantime, my friends with little boys are watching them fascinated by anything with wheels and especially a motor.

    Did you ever read this []? It's from a long time ago, but you might enjoy it. Started a BIG flamefest for a coupla days. It was

Show me a man who is a good loser and I'll show you a man who is playing golf with his boss.