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User Journal

TobySmurf's Journal: Calpine Contract

Journal by TobySmurf

Not that anyone other than myself reads this stuff, so I guess this is sort of self-therapy:

My employment here at Calpine ends on Friday. It's sad, this was a job that I think I could have kept for a few years (finally). 90% of the workforce is getting laid off at the end of August, and since I am a contractor there is no severance in store for me, so I thought I'd start looking early. Oddly enough the two interviews I had were not for jobs that I was looking for, these were people who found me. I was offered both jobs, but ended up accepting the job at the larger, more stable company. I am going to miss all the people I met here at Calpine, I am not sure if I will really do much to keep track of anyone other that Julio, but I certainly do appreciate all that I learned here, it was a great time (even if the pay wasn't all it should have been). It's been hard to work today, I was sick yesterday so this is my first day of the last week of my experience at Calpine. I hope the next job makes me as happy as this job does...

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Calpine Contract

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