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Cliff's Journal: [POLITICS: Florida, 2004] Oh, no..... 5

Journal by Cliff
...not again!

It's not just that Corrine Brown was censured (although it can be argued, by most diabolical logic, that there was a valid reason for her censure, but this country is already falling along a slippery slope when it comes to fairness in our elections. Florida has had years to get this straightened out, and yet here we are, not even in the home stretch and already rumblings of wrongdoing are being reported by the press. I should be encouraged, however. It is getting reported, which is a far cry from the deafening silence that was experienced before and after the 2000 election. I can only hope that eyes continue to remain on Florida and other states where such shenanigans may be likely, and that the scrutiny applied to the American Voting Process as a whole remains everpresent.

One wonders what might happen if another Florida-like scandal occurs in "Decision 2004".

Odds are, it won't be pleasant.
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[POLITICS: Florida, 2004] Oh, no.....

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  • I see Mrs. Brown has made yet another loud public appearance in election year. How very surprising.

    If the information about the felons list is accurate, and there isn't a simple case of misrepresantation of race, then there is an issue that should be looked in to.

    What has me somewhat reserved is that it's fully possible that many more on he list actually are hispanic, but they were registered as white or black. Not that the honorable Corrinne Brown would be able to tell the difference between the races [mercurynews.com].

  • by pudge (3605) *
    There's no question whatever that she should have been censured. She clearly violated a fairly sacred rule of the House by accusing other House members of criminal activity (and provided not a jot of evidence for it).

    As to the "deafening silence that was experienced before and after the 2000 election," are you mad? Maybe you were so tired of listening you put your fingers in your ears or stuck your head in the ground, as this is the only way I think one could experience silence about these things at that
    • Where did she accuse other House members of criminal activity? I didn't see any information in the TV site that Cliff linked to other than 'you stole the election', which could be interpreted in a number of different ways.

      I agree about the deafening silence. It seemed to still be in the news until September 11 of that year.
      • by pudge (3605) *
        I didn't see any information in the TV site that Cliff linked to other than 'you stole the election', which could be interpreted in a number of different ways.

        In the context, no, I don't think it can be. She said they stole it, she said they participated in a coup d'etat. Sure, she could have meant it figuartively, but this is the House of Represenatives, not Slashdot: there's no room for saying "what I meant was really ... ."
  • Dear Cliff,
    On behalf of myself and my fellow Canadians, I extend an invitation to you to join our wonderful country. You may find that while the politics here are boring in contrast to those in the US, at least we hold fair and democratic elections.

    I've never heard of any Canadian being refused the right to vote on E-day. I've never heard of ballots being miscounted. I've never heard of any Canadian going off to war based on lies.

    Please feel free to bring a thick winter coat with you, as the cold months u

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