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hillct's Journal: Boy Scouts shoud demand exclusive rights to the acronym BSA 4 4

I remember the old days when BSA stood for the Boy Scouts of America - incorporated on February 8, 1910 - rather than the Business Software Alliance - founded in 1988.

Hey, if the World Wildlife Fund can win exclusive rights to their acronym WWF, (as reported in an this Associated Press Article) from the World Wrestling Federation then surely the Boy Scouts have the right to the acronym BSA and the domain name

I think the Boy Scouts should pursue this. They have a legitimate claim here. For reference here's their Trademark Filing. Go Boy Scouts! Stick it to the software publishers!

But then again, that's just my opinion.


Granted there were special circumstances - a 1994 agreement between the two parties, relating to the use of the acronym - that contributed to the WWF decision, but it'd still be fun to see the Software Publishers fighting the Boy Scouts.
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Boy Scouts shoud demand exclusive rights to the acronym BSA

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